Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Unusual Deliveries

These arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago.  

I had an email from Blogging Buddy Dawn from  'Doing It For Ourselves in Wales' asking if I would like a couple of Oca tubers.  I didn't even know what they were ... but a quick Google and I was quick to say 'yes please'.

I planted them in a couple of large plant pots that I had, and set them at the door of the polytunnel.

Look what appeared on Friday of last week!!

Also on Friday my free seeds arrived from the last edition of my magazine, which after knocking off the cost of postage are worth £9.47.  They also included a trial pack of tomato seeds, something else for free!

Now they are tucked into my tin of seeds with all the other 'freebies' they are adding to our chance of being able to feed ourselves for free next year.

A very appropriate tin I thought :-)

With the seeds came some little plant labels and this free book ....

... storage method tips for all your fruits and veggies.

I'm always happy to learn some new ways to  make our homegrown things last longer.

In the post on Saturday was this.

Does anyone know why it is that when something is so obviously marked 'FRAGILE' the Royal Mail people decide that THIS is the package they will practice their basketball moves on  :-(

Luckily the contents .... six Lavender Pekin bantam eggs .... were carefully wrapped in little bubble wrap bags and surrounded by polystyrene chips.  They survived intact.

Mother Goose is now back on her beloved mothering duties, sitting on them in the henhouse, and no doubt being relieved that I am no longer turfing her out of the nesting box as I am still doing with the other two broodies.

Also in the post that day were my 'Storm Strength' clothes pegs, thanks for all the recommendations folks, and three little Buddleja plants, now happily residing in little plant pots of their own in the polytunnel, which they recover from their journey.

Interesting deliveries for sure.

Sue xx


  1. Great to see them starting to grow :-)

  2. Can't wait to taste my ocas! I bought some eggs the other day to hatch out and now the chicken is no longer broody! Sods law!

  3. I swear when the mail people see the word "FRAGILE" they kick it around as much as possible to see how strong the box is!!! I am sure if the box was marked "KICK THE HELL OUT OF IT," there wouldn't be a scratch on it!

  4. What an interesting week at your house with all the deliveries. I can't believe the eggs survived in the Fragile box, seeing how it looked upon arrival. Always fun to see what is growing at your house.

  5. How funny! I store my seeds in exactly the same tin- although it has now faded in the sun. I don't remember where I obtained it- maybe it had biscuits in it originally? A Christmas present perhaps?

  6. What a great random collection of deliveries, looking forward to seeing the chicks when they hatch :)

  7. I need more exciting mail like you get :)

  8. I use to work in a post office (we were a two man PO), we never put fragile stickers on parcel the customer requested them to be put on explaining if we did the postal workers would use it as a punch bag. If they insisted we did and few days later the said customer would come back and say their parcel did not arrive intact. We use to say next time don't put a fragile sticker on then. One particular customer heeded our words and came back and said their parcel arrived safely and wouldn't be using fragile stickers anymore!

  9. Much more interesting than bills!


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