Friday, 22 May 2015

Battered Pots ..... and Keeping the Postman Busy

The total sum of my purchases at the car boot sale was a plant for £2 and this gloriously battered pot for a whole one pound.  I just couldn't resist it, there's something about things with little fancy feet that I love .....

... and that it's feet go in all directions after obviously being dropped and having a very hard life makes it, in my eyes anyway, even more appealing.  

So I spent £3 and Lovely Hubby spent £3.50 .... oooh what a spender!!  He bought an old wood working plane, and some other rusty bits of metal which he assured me were also tools and well worth his three hundred and fifty pennies.

In other news, the postie has once again been bringing me unusual boxes ....

... this one contained my free Lime Tree and fruit tree fertiliser from my Kitchen Garden Magazine.

It's a lovely little thing, lets see how long it takes me to kill this one like I did my last two lemon trees :-(

The next day two of these arrived.

How neat is that!!

A total of 96 little tiny Lavender, Antirrhinum and Salvia plug plants.

After standing them upright and giving them a little drink, as per the instructions,  I have carried them over to the polytunnel this morning to plant into bigger plug plant trays and they are just enjoying another little drink while I blog..

Getting plants through the post could get seriously addictive, I think will have to put the brakes on this new obsession ..... soon!!   ;-)

My little bargain car boot pot has been called into action this morning to hold yet more Rosemary cuttings, I popped a lidless jam jar inside it to hold the water, so it doesn't suffer anymore.  

I wish this was 'smellovision' as the house is smelling gorgeous at the moment with all these cuttings dotted around everywhere,  I did some Basil cuttings last night, simply because my Basil plant on the kitchen windowsill has gotten SO big.  It was a good supermarket buy at just £1.25, I bet with a couple of pots of cuttings I will more than get my money back.

Off to plant up my little Lavenders now ..... I may be some time :-)

Sue xx


  1. We need to invent stcratch-n-sniff technology for blogs

  2. The plug plants look so neat..the symmetry! I'm a sucker for symmetry.
    Jane x

  3. I wish there was smellovision too. I imagine the polytunnel smells lovely.

  4. I have to agree with your hubby - those rusty tools can easily be revived by soaking them in white vinegar overnight and the rust is easily scrubbed off. Good finds!


  5. Ohh Sue, please tell where you got the little lavenders from in case my cuttings fail.

  6. was it Thompson and Morgan?

    1. It was, and via my magazine, so only £4.99 for 48 little plug plants :-)

  7. I love getting plants in the post, the anticipation of opening up the box and then planting them up :)

  8. I've ordered the lime tree too & rather naughtily the lemon & orange ones. Mine aren't coming until the end of May though. Love the pot & I can guarantee Mike would be buying old tools too! x

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