Monday, 25 November 2013

What Do You Expect to Find on a Welsh Hillside?

We pulled up at 3am, early on Friday morning after a long and diverted drive from Berkshire, to see twenty eight pairs of eyes shining in the trucks headlights. 
 The sheep had arrived!!

Chatting with our neighbour the other week we had mentioned that it was a shame our lovely grass was going to waste, and did she know of anyone with a couple of sheep that needed some Winter grazing.  She was straight on the phone, passing it over to Lovely Hubby who had a chat with a chap called Will, who yes, indeed had a 'few sheep' that would be grateful of a field of long luscious grass.
Well looking at the now neat grass he must have been round the day after we left and deposited them into the field, cobbling together a gate to fill the gap and leaving them to fend for themselves as sheep do.
They had nibbled away and got the grass well under control, they rushed towards me when I approached the fence, no doubt my jacket was a similar colour to the farmers, although I had no bag of food on my shoulder, so their interest was short lived.

Suky loves, loves, loves all animals, be they cattle, sheep, goats, cats or chickens.   Give her something furry, feathered or woolly to look at and she will drool through the fence, wanting nothing more than to get up close and personal with any new friends.
The sheep were pretty interested in her too :-)

Later as she lay in her bed, you could see the thoughts passing through her mind.
' I've got woolly friends, just through the fence .... yay!! '

' Sheeps ..... yay ... zzzzzzz !! '
Every trip outdoors now needs five extra minutes for her to go and check that her new friends are still there.
It's nice to have some sheep on our Welsh hillside, even if they don't actually belong to us ..... but one day they will.
Sue xx


  1. aah Suky is counting her new friends in her dreams x

  2. What a lovely post. :) Here in Alabama,USA-It is cows or mules in the feilds.I enjoy your posts so much-thank you.

  3. You must be getting very close to actually moving now, let me know when you make the final shove off, I have something for you, but do not want to post it until you are 'there'.

  4. Oooh sheep = fleece for spinning...I'm drooling ;) and not for the meat....can't bear the smell of cooking lamb or the taste!

    1. Well I'm a vegetarian so they're safe from me :-)

      There's very few meats I like the smell of when they are cooking, I guess bacon would be the only thing that smells nice, although the smell of pork cooking makes me physically sick.

  5. It's very relaxing watching sheep graze. I'd be out there with Suky!

  6. Having been brought up on a farm I can honestly say theres nothing quite like the sight of livestock in paddocks, empty paddocks just seem so sad. Im sure the farmer wont begrudge you some wool when shearing time comes around. :o)

  7. There is something restful about sheep grazing in a paddock. Your Suky reminds me of my Dad's dog Sammy, long gone now. She is definitely dreaming of her new friends.

  8. Sheep .... of course ... your in Wales. .. enjoy!

    Vicky x

  9. In my case
    It could be ANYTHING from an old turkey to a camp cockerel

  10. Oh, you are so lucky to have been able to move to somewhere like this. I would love to live somewhere just outside a village, or not far from sea, but at the moment can't move from where we are. Then probably we, or at least I, (as I'm older than he) will be too old to move!

    I wish you all the very best in your new venture. Love reading your updates on your 'for lifetime' home, it's gorgeous.

  11. Yes, sheep are fun to have (we only have 2). Can't wait to see the new place...

    Cheers - Joolz xx


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