Monday, 4 November 2013

Green and White

This was a corner of the kitchen on Saturday night.
 After much umming and arring and negotiation, when we left there yesterday the wall behind the radiator was painted with it's first coat of green.  Now I know why I call my Lovely Hubby my Lovely Hubby .... the man has lots of patience he'll do anything I ask of him, but then it works in reverse and I do the same for him, it's called love :-)

There was lots of prep work needed in the kitchen and it was still being done just before we opened the paint pots.   It's funny when you view a house things look so neat and tidy and well presented, but when you get down to the nitty gritty you find all the botch jobs, all the loose plasterwork and all those things that you know you have to put right as you find them or they'll just get left much longer than they should be left or you won't get round to doing them at all.  Which is why we're doing everything that needs doing NOW, before we move in fully, because the way the timing is going when we do move in it will be time to really set to with planting and organising things outside if we want to continue to feed ourselves.
So the kitchen is almost finished, just the second coat of the second green wall to do, and already we can see it's going to look fantastic.  I can't wait to set to this week with packing up lots of things that will be being put into the kitchen cupboards and onto my lovely new shelves when we go back next weekend.

While LH was painting downstairs I was busy upstairs painting round all the door frames while the doors are away being dipped, next week we will paint the walls and ceiling of this landing area and then work our way down the stairs. 
The end is in sight thank goodness, did I ever mention that ...  I HATE PAINTING !!
Sue xx


  1. I have been sitting spinning this morning and thinking of you, so it is lovely to find that you have posted whilst I have been eating some lunch. Your decorating looks great, even if you don't like painting! The green is a lovely touch and one of my daughter's favourite colour. Glad the end is in sight for you, it will be wonderful to be able to arrive there and only have unpacking to do. Just think will be ages before you have to pick up a paint brush again ;)

  2. ....but isn't it all SO going to be worth it, Sue?! It's fab watching it all come together as each new bit is done, I'm so enjoying reading/seeing it all. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Sue, I do appreciate it.

    Don't know if I told you......we finally got round to buying a chicken coop, husband is in the middle of building a secure run (we live on farmland and there are foxes and badgers around), and we should be acquiring hens in the Spring! So exciting!

  3. I am loving watching your new home come together! That shade of green is fab!

  4. Your & LH's hard work is paying off & you are making a wonderful home together. I'm looking forward to the crops & animals arriving !

  5. Love the green Sue!

  6. I am so enjoying seeing your progress. Even if you hate painting, it's so satisfying when it's done I think.

  7. But just think- you'll never have to paint again!!

  8. Your new home is looking lovely and cosy. We did the two home thing when we moved here and it's really hard work getting stuck in every weekend and doing the donkey work.It will soon all be worth it though when you get to enjoy your new home full time xx

  9. I so admire your determination - can't wait to see the finished kitchen xo

  10. I have to say, you have inspired me to get painting. We have new carpet being laid upsatirs next week and as usual have left everything to the last minute - have had to put the delivery back once already!
    I love the idea of one bold colour everywhere. At least you don't have to argue about which colour you both want!!

  11. It is starting to look really good. You are lucky you are able to prepare and decorate the house before you move in, not everyone gets the luxury and it is great to see you making the most of this opportunity. We still haven't been able to decorate our bedroom which needed doing when we moved in over 10 years ago now, we just don't have the space to do so as it would mean moving out of the room for a few days first.

    As you say you are going to be busy planting once you do move it.

  12. wow. that view. OMG. I need to holiday in Wales right now!

    Loving the pictures of the house. Green is my fav colour.


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