Saturday 16 November 2013

Leftovers and Good News

The other day we had a dish of leftovers from our Mediterranean Veggies meal the night before, a mix of the veggies and a couple of tablespoons of cous cous .... yes we are still working our through the cous cous mountain, and very tasty it is too!!

I decided to keep it simple and use some of the frozen breadcrumbs from the chest freezer and a good portion of my bargain cheese (it actually worked out cheaper to buy this one than the 'Basics' range that I usually get).  I grated the full pack and put the unused portion back into the fridge for another day.  Because it is a strong tasting one I only needed about a third of the pack to make for a lovely cheesy bake.

I mixed about two thirds of the cheese with the breadcrumbs, usually I might have mixed in some herbs here, either fresh or dried at this stage but as the cous cous was the flavoured variety and the veggies had been cooked with chilli and garlic there were already lots of flavours going on.

I sprinkled the breadcrumb and cheese layer and then topped with the rest of the cheese and the whole lot was popped into the oven for the last 20 minutes of the chicken cooking time.

This is Lovely Hubby's portion and I had mine with a veggie burger, a last minute addition was half a jar of homemade tomato and chilli sauce as I though it all looked too dry.  
 Thinking about it this later it would have been brilliant added to the vegetables and cous cous layer  in the first place.  But as usual it was a leftover experiment and that's half the fun of eating this way, no two meals are ever exactly the same.
This weekend we have jumped off the Wales/Berkshire/Wales treadmill and are at home making good use of the lovely sunny day to have a good clear up of the outside things.  Two of our trailers are being scrubbed clean and the smaller one will be packed to the roof with all those outdoor things that are now out of use as the growing season for us here has come to an end.  The larger trailer will be used to carry things from the house next time so it will be so much nicer if we don't find layers pellets or straw stuck to the bottom of our furniture on arrival in North Wales!!
While LH gets on with this I'm off for a tidy up of the Veggie Patch to make sure that nothing we need gets forgotten.
And some brilliant news for those of you who have been asking via the comments and emails ... my Mum is now the proud owner of her very own lovely little retirement bungalow.   
She has the keys, has already ordered new carpet and is meeting with a decorator today to discuss a thorough refresh of the décor before she moves in on 26th of this month.  So it's exciting times for us all at the moment and we both so very proud of her for getting through this stressful and tiring time in one piece.
Congratulations Mum
Sue xx


  1. That is good news and like you, we like to experiment. Not always successful first time around but usually gets better after that. Is your mum going to be any nearer to you?

  2. Great news about your Mum's new place! I bet you're looking forward to everyone finally being settled :)

  3. Glad to here your Mum has a new place. We like to experiment too, although sometimes OH does raise an eyebrow when it's before him.

  4. that looks very tasty and lovely news about your mum :)

  5. Some tasty meals often develop from using up leftovers, it's always hard to duplicate them though when you discover a good one :) Anything with cheese added usually goes down well here.

  6. Excellent news, I hope you Mum is settled very soon. I bought some plain cous cous just before we came back from France in the spring as it was a real bargain. I buy flavoured cous cous in packets when it is on offer and mix the plain with the flavoured, but I don't seem to have made much of a dent in it in the last 8 months, so we still have a small mountain here too - may start making it for lunch now I am back in the office during the week. Hope you achieve a lot, ready for the final push soon!!

  7. You really are a girl after my own heart! Congrats to your Mum x

  8. Hurrah for Sue's lovely Mum and her new home!

    Am so pleased for her :)


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