Tuesday 26 November 2013

Plans, Wires, Cats......

My head is full of plans at the moment, they whizz round in the most disorganised fashion. 
I tried making lists in my large desk diary but now my handwriting has gone to pot, even I can't read everything I've written and usually I'm the only one who can!!  I have a notebook in my bag at all times and scribble away as things come to mind.  Only the other day I found myself thawing out in a café drinking a huge mug of coffee and planning the Blog for next year.   Notes, plans, diagrams, if I don't catch them on paper they will vanish or be taken over by other equally important ideas for the future.
I have plans for the new house, which as you have seen have almost come to fruition now, so as I'm painting the final surfaces and walls I find my mind wandering to poly tunnels and rhubarb patches edged with strawberries.  Fruit bushes line the edges of the central bed with an apple tree standing proudly in the centre and the net tunnel is full of the most delicious berries .... Ooops there I go again......
I have to drag myself back and tell myself to do one thing at a time, get the edge of the paint line neat, wipe up the spills as they happen, forget planning the next meal in the Aga until I have actually finished eating my breakfast.  I'm two pages ahead of myself and three pages behind where I want to be.
Reigning in other people and planning a working day is something I was trained to do, reigning in myself is a whole other matter!!
The wires? ..... oh yes, this is a picture I found on my camera when I was downloading the sheep pictures yesterday.  I'm guessing it's the socket of the central heating controls, Lovely Hubby was about to fit a timer to the heating so it can come on while we are still in bed and take that vicious chill off the air before I push him bodily down the stairs to make me a hot cup of coffee in the mornings.   He took it all off the wall, studied the pencil drawing the guy that fitted the new boiler drew for him, pondered for a while and then quickly reattached it all and decided he needed a conversation with him before going any further.
And cats .... well I couldn't have a Blog post without a cute and furry face after yesterdays lovely shots of a dreaming Suky, so I thought I would include a photo of Ginger, and looking very serious he is in this one.  I guess he knows we're still waiting to hear if we can take him with us when we make the final journey to North Wales, I do hope we can, after all he's family now.
He actually belongs to our landlords family and we said we would foster him while we lived here and hand him over on their return, but they have decided to stay away for another year and we don't know who will be here next.   Anyway, she says stamping her feet in the most stroppy of stroppiness way ....... he's one of us now!! 
Those sheep have a lot to answer for, they have me yearning for more furry creatures around the place ..... I wonder what Santa might bring ... did he get my letter .... :-)
Sue xx


  1. I sympathise, I really do. I get so far ahead of myself, it's a wonder I don't meet myself coming back! :-) Speaking for myself, I put it down to my age. Turning 50 (in the blink of an eye it would seem!) has made me impatient to press on with all the things I want to do while I still have the energy.

  2. Oh dear, I thought I was the only one whose mind flits all over the place. Must be a woman thing, maybe it's menopausal lol!

    I hope you are able to take that sweet pussycat with you, Ginger is gorgeous!


  3. I'm glad I'm not alone with galloping ahead, I do hope you are able to take your lovely cat with you.

  4. Fingers crossed for Ginger. You can just tell he wants to come with you. The 'owners' could have visiting rights.

    Jean x

  5. Oh I hope Ginger can come with you ! You have a lot to plan Sue... plan away x

  6. I would think that by now in a cat's life you are owned by Ginger! He won't even remember his previous owners.

  7. I can definitely relate to this post. I'm guilty of thinking too much about the future that I forget to enjoy what's happening now. Ooh, I can't wait to see what Santa brings you! Best wishes.


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