Thursday, 20 October 2011

Home Together

The sun rises over the farm for another day. 

A day of promise and fresh chilled air, a day for walking the dogs and breathing in the smell that is the beginning of Winter here on the farm.   Damp wood, frosty grass, wet straw, the scents fill our nostrils and the sounds of the farm ground us.  The dogs run ahead barking with each new joyous discovery in the undergrowth, the chickens going about their business in Chicken World, fill the air with the sound of their crowing and chunnering.  We look into each others eyes and know we are home.

Together, stronger in our love for each other after each pain filled day we have been through. Even more secure in the knowledge of our ability to each lean on the other whenever it has been needed and thankful for the family, friends and Blogging chums that have helped us each step of the way. I don't need to name you, you know who you are. 

We are home together, and the world will slowly start to revolve in the familiar pattern that is our life, there will always be a void but together we have the love that will fill the gap and keep Jessie safe in our hearts forever.

Jessie's Christmas Cactus
 that burst into flower on the day of her death and now lives with us.

Sue xx


  1. what a beautiful post. My Christmas Cactus is just coming into bloom as well.

    Take good care of one another,

    Gill in Canada

  2. Sue, I have been thinking about you and your family.

    Your post was lovely. x

    Sft x

  3. Welcome home and safe.


    Sandie xx

  4. What a beautiful post.I've been thinking of you. Welcome back. x

  5. Lovely post and strange how nature comforts us. Look after Jessie;s plant it will make you think of her whenever you look at it. Ali x

  6. Welcome home, I have been thinking about you. What a beautiful Christmas Cactus and how nice you have it with you. Big ((Hugs)) x

  7. Glad you are home safe. May Jessie's Christmas cactus always remind you that in the cycle of life there are moments of extreme beauty. xx

    Take and nurture some cuttings and pass them on so that her memory can reside with many others :)

  8. Oh Sue, what a lovely post! With Jessie in your hearts you will remember her everyday in everyday things that you do together.Our thoughts are with you both. Loving regards, Lynda xxx

  9. Oh Sue what a beautifully written post. Plants sometimes have a way of doing this.

    I look at my beautiful Sumac tree & marvel that it is the descendant of the one from the garden of the house where I grew up. My mother planted one in every garden since & now I have the great great grand daughter ! Although my parents separated when I was fifteen, that gardem remains magical to me.

    Enjoy Jessie's Christmas cactus & wonderful memories of a special woman xx

  10. What a lovely post it brought a tear to my eyes. Take care x

  11. What a lovely post sue..the cactus is lovely and it will keep her memory alive for you everyday..

  12. A lovely post Sue, welcome home. Thinking of you at this time, Love to you all xx

  13. The thought of the cactus blooming gave me goosebumps, what a lovely way to keep the memories blooming too! x

  14. You have been in my thoughts.
    My Dad received a Christmas cactus which I tended as I tended him when he was ill and then I brought it home with me when he died. It is now 16 years since he died and it flowers at the anniversary of his death every year and always comforts me.
    Hope you can be comforted too.


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