Saturday 8 October 2011

Blogging Buddies

As mentioned last week I have decided to occasionally highlight some of my favourite blogs, and here is the first.

Of course I had to kick off this new idea with Shaheens' blog....... I love it!!  She has given me more recipes and solved so many of my 'what can we have for tea' moments.  Everything I've tried up to now has been a success and so very very tasty.

She started her Blog when she had an allotment and it followed the day to day work and harvesting and then eating of the veggies she grew, then disaster struck and after a fire she continued to grow in her tiny back garden.  How she finds so much time to cook all these wonderful things I'll never know.  I'm in complete awe of her wonderful knowledge of vegetarian foods.

Carrot, Puy Lentils and Parsley Flan

My favourite recipe is this one I got from Shaheen.  She has hundreds of accessible recipes, just type your preferred main ingredient into her little 'search' box on the sidebar and you will have lots of yummy dishes to choose from.

Pop by and pay her a visit, you'll not be disappointed, I know I never am.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks Sue! I have just popped over and am inspired to make some apple flapjacks!

  2. Thanks Sue, always looking for delicious recipes and inspiration blogs.

    Sft x

  3. Hi Sue, thanks for the link. A2K is a great blog with lots of great recipes - more bookmarks :)

  4. This is a lovely idea - I would like to highlight favourite blogs too. thanks for sharing.

  5. What an inspirational blog Sue, who knew that vegetables could be so exotic. I will definitely plunder it for our no meat suppers. It must be the season, vegetables aplenty and hot bubbling casseroles yum.

  6. Great blog, thanks for the link ... :0)

  7. Thanks Sue,I will pop over now,take care,juliex

  8. A2K is also on my blog list. I frequently use her recipes, they are always tasty and original.
    Ann x

  9. Thanks Sue - I will head over and have a read tonight. About to do the 21 day detox diet again so in desperate need for nice veg packed recipes. Thanks. Love the description of this blog too - sounds like those ones that are around (which I don't read) about what people wear every day etc - only it's what she cooks.


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