Tuesday 25 October 2011

Beauty in the ruggedness......

There's a rugged beauty all over the farm at the moment. 

To really appreciate it you have to look past any sense of neatness and orderliness your mind expects, not for a farm the polished surfaces and dust free zones of town living.  You can't sweep out the spiders and flys and not expect 10 more to take their place almost immediately.  Nature is  telling her little creatures to find warmth to tuck themselves in for the long Winter ahead (sorry Mum and Dad you really experienced this for the first time this year).

Under every building and shed, even the old cart there are rustling heard and excavations appearing as the wildlife make winter retreats and builds up their foodstores, just like us.  The bleakness of the harrowed field with the motorway in the distance, the wind sweeping across the flat brings home to me on the doggy walks that it's time for extra jumpers for log fires and warming foods.

The dogs sniff around the stone pile, no doubt some little creature is tucked up warm in the middle safe from their prying noses.

 Once home I reach for a warmth that will last us all Winter, and put to dry in the bottom oven of the Aga a tray of our wonderful fiery chillis. They're not hot as some might consider hot, I admit to being a bit of a 'wuss' when it comes to chillis, but they add a fiery bite to many a stew, roast or curry.

Although they lose their brilliant fiery colour in the drying they retain their heat, and in the middle of Winter that will be very much appreciated.

How are you preparing for Winter?

Sue xx


  1. Lovely post Sue. I just adore the old wagon resting there. I don't like chillis or curries too hot either & yours look great.

    Me, I'm doing a " spring " clean out of season for our friends who will be house sitting in December because as you know, I'm following the sun....and husband & daughter !!!

  2. I know what you mean about spiders, and ladybirds too!

    We are making sure that we have enough 'free' wood to get through the winter.

    Since we moved into our forever cottage there has been the worst 2 winters on record (since..the ice age LOL). But we've survived and thrived and I love cuddling up in front of the log burner.

    Keep up the wonderful posts Sue!

    Sft x

  3. Hi,

    Lovely post as always. As for preparing for winter, I havn't really done much. I do know that the heating works, which is a start, I guess.

    Slightly different, but I've started winter digging on the allotment.


  4. Great post

    We too like SFT are sourcing free wood, and like those little creatures we are building up food stores.

    I have stocked up on candles, matches and lamp oil and have my eye on a few more lamps! Today i put the flanelette sheets on the beds too.

    We are a family of curry lovers and my first chillies are just ripening , how do you use yours...........do you crumble them or use whole?

  5. I agree that the wildlife are all busy getting ready for Winter. The squirrels and chipmunks have been ever so busy. The mice have been trying to get into the house, and a couple have managed, only to be caught in the traps!!

    We are having such a super Fall that I hope it never ends!!

    Gill in Canada

  6. I'm longing for living in a place like yours!



  7. Good idea to try out your chillies Sue :)

  8. Hi,
    How long do you dry chillies in the oven and at what temperature?

    frugal freesia.


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