Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Rosy and Matilda

Are you coming in to play?

Where are you going.....

you won't get in there.....are we playing hide and seek then?

That's a good place under Mum's desk......but I can see you!

You can't leave now it's my turn to hide!!

You have to turn your head like this and count to 10.

See I've vanished bet you can't find me!!

Playtime in the living room yesterday.

Sue xx


  1. So gorgeous! Your dog and chicken are adorable.

  2. Thanks for that Sue, it cheered me up.

  3. I have been entertained. Wish I was there to see it for real though :)

  4. The hen couldn't be doing with such doggy antics could she?!!!

  5. Haha.....yes she could Simone!!

    This is Matilda, full name Marauding Matilda, she jumps over the fence most days and snacks in the kitchen garden before coming in the house to look for dog food.

    She wanders round and plays with Rosy or trys to play with the cats, but they just think she's mad and ignore her.

    She only gets a warning growl if she trys to have a peck at either of the dogs bones.

    She comes when we call her, follows me around the farm and lets us pick her up and put her back whenever we want. Once back she stays there for the rest of the day.

    Sue xx

  6. Awww, Mathilda! What a brave little hen :) I love your photos Sue.

    Remember my next door's hen? One of the others (less brave) had a chick back in the summer - now grown up and by far the biggest and bravest so far. My veg patch continues to be a favourite haunt :-(!


  7. Brilliant blog Sue, keep em coming!

  8. Brilliant blog Sue, keep em coming!


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