Thursday, 27 October 2011

Snacking on the windfalls.......

See this Poppy it's a windfall....really yummy....

... come over Daisy and have a look it's an apple. You have to peck, peck, peck really fast to eat lots of it before the big girls spot you have it and come and pinch it off you.

What was that noise.....

..I'll rush off and investigate.....

... oops, what was it Mum said about eating it before the big girls come....must get back.

I don't know where Daisy and Mum have gone but I'll guard this yummy thing til they get back.

What did Mum say.....peck, peck peck.

Crikes I'm still on my own!!

Happy little Pekins, with lots of snacks to search for.

All's well in Chicken World.

Sue xx


  1. OH SUE THOSE LITTLE PEKINS ARE DELIGHTFUL. I love these style posts about the animals on your farm.

    Sft x

  2. Am so happy that I found your blog, my blog might seem a little different , but am moving to the country in 6 months and to be hones am a bit scared!! Family will be moving with me which will help but am so scared, am not a city gal, I love to go camping and swimming in lovely rivers. Whenever I have time off , I never think or partying like a rock star I think of bomb fires and camping, but I guess the change will still affect me. Any advice? By the way love your blog! It makes me want to sit in a front porch holding a cup of coffee in my hand and telling stories.

  3. aw so cute! It's our ducks that go crazy for the windfall! I was scared they were going to get drunk as a lot of the apples started to ferment in the heat - I had visions of ducks staggering into the stream and making fools of themselves!

  4. love the commentary, so cute,

    Gill in Canada

  5. Awww so cute..fern and iris are so happy to see the chicks..they love the way they walk...thank you for posting this its gorgeous..

  6. They are so beautiful aren't they? I do wish people would leave animals alone and stop eating them.


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