Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pinched from Hester

We've only just got our power back on after a day without electricity for 'essential maintenance', so I must apologise for not posting first thing this morning.  When we did have power we had no internet, now I'm back with full electric and on my 'hamster powered' internet (exceptionally slow) so as I have no idea what to post about this late in the day I've cheated and pinched Hesters post idea.  She pinched it too, we're a cheeky lot us Bloggers, I saw it somewhere else but I can't remember where....sorry!

Go on pinch it from me and lets keep it going around!!

A - Age - 51 years young.

B - Bed Size - King Size for us  and  Double for guests

C - Chore You Hate- Ironing, so I only iron Lovely Hubby work shirts!!

D - Dogs - 2 - Border Collie, Sophie and Jack Russell, Rosy

E - Essential start to your day - Water, Coffee, Oatbran Porridge (in that order)

F - Favourite Colour - Green

G - Gold or Silver - I love and wear both

H - Height - 5' 6"

I -  Interests - Growing veggies, reading, films

J - Job Title - Company Director

K - Kids - 2 sons,  Simon and Jason, 4 grandchildren, Liam, Shelbie, Kyle and Oscar

L - Live - Oxfordshire, I have also lived in Manchester, Eccles, Barrow in Furness, Askam in Furness, Ulverston, and Reading.

M - Mothers Name - Joan

N - Nickname - Lovely Hubby calls me 'babe' apart from that none!

O - Overnight Hospital Stays - a couple of minor ones and two when I had my sons

P - Pet Peeves - Dishonesty, lies, mob mentality, time wasting, screaming children that the parents give in to - be tough they won't scream for long!!

Q -Quote From a Film - 'I'll be back!!'  (Arnie in Terminator)

R - Right or Left Handed - Right

S - Siblings - One brother, Graham

T - Time You Wake Up - without an alarm clock it's ALWAYS 6.45am, but when LH's alarm wakes us up during the week,  it's 5am

U - Underwear - Usually black, unless you can see it through my top, then I'll change. I also have a good collection of pretty and frilly that you really don't need to know about!! 

V - Vegetables You Hate - Brussel Sprouts

W - What Makes You Run Late - Too much to do!

X - X-Rays You've Had - Foot, Teeth, Baby (Simon was breech)

Y - Yummy Food That You Make - Banoffee Pie, Garlic Bread

Z - Zoo Animals - Should only be there for conservation not entertainment, circus animals should not be there AT ALL.

There if you fancy giving this a go, let me know I'll be over for a read.

Sue xx


  1. I hate brussel sprouts too! I'm still growing them for the hubby but they're seriously vile little things aren't they? ;)

  2. What a great idea! I will probably do this also.

  3. whispers "I like sprouts".
    Jane x

  4. whispers even more quietly - I love sprouts (when I'm on my own......)


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