Sunday, 2 October 2011

Off to the Car Boot Sale.....

Off to the Car Boot Sale in the next village, this is a Google picture but it's exactly the same layout as ours, with sellers on one side of the field and a huge car park area on the other.

  Time to set off for an hour or so all to myself wandering and browsing other peoples stalls for once, we decided not to do one ourselves this weekend as we are both exhausted and not on top form, so it's a well earned day off for us.

What will I find to buy in this 'Year of Living Simply'.......
... I'll let you know tomorrow.

Enjoy your day, I hope the sun shining on you too, it's still glorious here with temperatures over 27 degrees yesterday, we have to make the most of it Winter is just around the corner!!

Sue xx


  1. I must sort out doing a car boot sale myself, we have so much STUFF and it is gradually taking over.

  2. All the ones round here are on a Sunday, when I am at church. I want one on a Saturday please!

  3. aww to wet here in cumbria to go to an outdoor car boot, so i hope you have a good browse around...x

  4. look forward to seeing the treasures...

  5. Me too, can't wait to see all your great finds tomorrow.

    Sft x


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