Monday 7 February 2011

You know it's nearly Spring when.....

You know it's nearly Spring when......there seems to be more of the Border Collie in the Dyson and on the carpet than she's wearing herself!!
Yesterday after we got back from our farm viewing and fed all the animals, we gave Sophie her biggest grooming session of the year, and got enough excess fur to stuff a cushion (but we didn't...not that frugal...not yet!!) and then she had a luxurious doggy bath, she didn't think so, she HATES baths. Today she will have another session with the brush, as we have come down to the floor strewn once again with doggy fur!
She does look lovely though with all her straggly bits trimmed and all the tangles and brambles sorted out. It won't last though, this is one dog, who for all her angelic looks, loves rolling in mud.

The Challenge didn't go too well this week. Yes we lived out of the cupboards and freezers all week, well until Friday anyway. I hadn't spent a penny till then, and then we hit the road for our first viewing, stopped at the services and bought a much needed caffeine boost in the form of a Skinny Latte on the way there and then hunger struck on the way back, and we stopped for a pub lunch, amazing value actually, two meals and two drinks for £11.80, so not the end of the world.

But then I went to the 'Bad Place' on Saturday as we had ruin out of sparkling water (the 2 litre bottles are only 16p each and we re-cycle the plastic bottles for our 'Worm Tea' so even better value), and somehow managed to spend £29.13, admittedly all on fresh fruit and veg and bread, so within the remit of the Challenge, but it felt as though the pennies were slipping through my fingers.

I counted what was left and was almost happy to find I still had £25.78, not the end of the world then. But then we stopped off on the way to our viewing yesterday to visit a lovely little Farm Shop by the side of the road and suddenly I was handing over £15.22 for necessities. Oh well, £10.56 went in Spotty Jug, as Lovely Hubby said 'every penny counts' just as he tucked into his very necessary Venison Steak!!

Sue xx


  1. I've seen knitting made from dog hair & it doesn't even smell like dog !

    Keeping the egg money in a seperate jar lasted all of a few weeks as we kept dipping into it !

  2. Sophie obviously enjoyed the brushing, look at that great smile on her face! A very happy dog and a lovely picture x

  3. I was grooming Bruce yesterday and noticed that his coat is starting to come out- I told him there's more cold weather yet to come so maybe he'd better hang on to his hairy trousers...or he'll have to wear even MORE rugs!

  4. Well, she sure looks smart in the picture so Ilm thinking that is an 'after' shot! Will you put the clippings out for the birds to use in the nests? Hope your farm viewings are going well and you can make the move soon x

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to suffer the indignity of being brushed in the back garden followed by a dunking. Mum tells me I am very lucky because I actually get to go in the two legged folks bath and have warm water coz Dad has to come in too so I don't get out before the bubbles are washed off. It's not because they like their bathroom covered in my fur, it is because I just play with water in the garden and don't get any cleaner, well why should I have cold water when there is plenty of hot in the tap for me too!
    Mud is good to play in Sophie isn't it? And it does come out of our fur eventually once it is dry and able to be scratched off on the floor!
    Better go, Mum wants the computer
    Bye Sophie, happy mud hunting!
    George x

  6. Wow Sue! Being a - "constant tryer but inconsistent" blog reader, I had missed that you were now doing this so seriously and living on such a budget. Proper self sufficient. I am very impressed.

    Btw, are you watching that program with Jimmy whatever his name about the 'run your own farm' etc - bet you'd walk it!

    Love C


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