Friday 18 February 2011

Chicken Run

We're sneaking under the gate into the orchard......
This morning we are off to pick up our twenty rescue birds after reading an appeal that triggered this post.
~ pinch the piggies water - it taste SO much better than ours!!

Their house has been cleaned out and is all ready for them. I'll see if I can get some photos tomorrow when we let them out for the first time to mix with our ladies. For today they will be enclosed in the henhouse, so we can check they are okay and to give them time to adjust to their new living quarters.

I foresee a couple of nights of rounding them up at bedtime though, our last lot of newbies were determined to roost in the trees and I had to knock them off the branches with a brush to get them into the henhouse at bedtime!!

Sue xx


  1. Oo blimey!! Ours have yet to venture out into the garden as yet as it's not as secure as I'd like it to be and there's a ten acre field out back. I don't fancy doing my own chicken run knee deep in mud at the mo!! Good luck with the newbies - will look forward to seeing some pics. xx

  2. Good luck with the new arrivals! With our new ducks we clipped their wings as soon as they came out of the box they arrived in - first & last chance!

  3. Aah! I love rescues! Hope they settle down soon.
    Jane x

  4. Looking forward to some pictures. I'll be coming to you for some tips when we finally get our girls! Good luck x

  5. Oh Bless them. Breeze is getting over her escape ordeal/ run in with the dog up the road but still limping & shaken.

    I've given up filling up their water hodder ( which had turned green anyway ) as they insist on drinking water from the dog's bowl !

  6. Gosh I nearly fell off my chair laughing, imagining you with a brush shooing hens off tree branches. Long may they enjoy their freedom.


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