Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Next Stage of the Business

 Last Sunday was Lovely Hubby's first solo stall at the Farmers Market, selling some of his worm products. It created lots of interest with folks asking lots of questions about the process and the products. 

He sold half of all the bottles of Worm Tea (it's a brilliant fertiliser for your plants) that he took, and more importantly managed to get four orders for trailer loads of compost. 

Strangely not too many people wanted to handle the samples of worms that he had nestling in his buckets under the table, although he dug in deep to get them handfuls out!! 

I was really proud he set his stall out very nicely.....maybe some of my retail teaching has rubbed off on him. 

 It was a very successful day for both of us with me selling almost all our eggs and supplying Valentines gifts to all the last minute shoppers. Jason called in on his way back up the road for a bacon butty to fortify him for the journey, and LH managed to only spend a little bit of his takings on a chunk of Stilton (his weakness in life). 

Most people were really impressed with the packaging, to keep costs right down we had decided to use two litre milk carton and two litre water bottles, and for the bags of compost we re-used our pig feed sacks. This way folk are paying for the product and not the packaging, kinder to the customer and the environment.

 Sue xx.


  1. I think both of you did really well :0)
    That packaging is fab ...wish we lived nearer, i could literally give you dozens of 2 litre water bottles.
    Will LH be at the market selling his worm products every time now?

  2. So encouraging for you and lucky customers!

    Sandie xx

  3. ha- so semi-skimmed worm tea? :))

    I cut my large milk cartons across diagonally, with the handle at the top, and use them as grain scoops.

    I think worm products are a really good thing for selling at the FM- bit different to the norm, and great to be able to talk to the seller who knows all about the worm business.

    Stilton could be my weakness as well...

  4. well done you !
    Sue, Breeze the hen who found herself in a dog's mouth has survived her ordeal but is limping badly. In the morning she comes out of the house and stands under a bush and this morning I noticed she wouldn't join the others for brekkies. She was the bossy one before - was horrible to Roxy - would peck Roxy if she tried to eat so I guess Breeze was the leader even though she's the smallest.

    Last night she didn't roost but sat huddled buy the hen house door....she did roost with the others the last few nights Is she an out cast now or made herself one ?

    And if that wasn't enough.... Lucy is broody again ! ( at least know what o do this time ! )

  5. Thanks Sue I knew you'd help. By the way, I'd pick up the worms !
    I don't know if I could cope with chicks ( and I'm SURE my neighbours couldn't ) so it's the cooler for Lucy again I'm afraid.

  6. We have started composting on a much smaller scale. Your booth looks wonderful, so glad it went well. Wish we had more farmers markets, etc. to shop at here.


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