Friday 25 February 2011

Upwards and Onwards

This weekend is already looking like it's going to be a busy one. I have just got back from posting yet another lot of Ebay parcels, with a car laden down with animal feed, as the truck was hitched to the trailer ready for a 'poo pickup' we went to town in the little Fiat 500. Three huge sacks of Pony Nuts, three bags of Layers Pellets, two nets of pony carrots and a months supply of dog and cat food later it's looking perriously close to the ground, poor little thing.
Lovely Hubby has now set of for the 'poo pick up' (manure for the heaps, for those 'not in the know') and I'm off out to clean out all the chicken house (more poo!!) before it starts raining. We have a meeting this afternoon about our future on this farm and then on Sunday we go for a meeting about our new farm and a marathon measuring up session of the house, offices, barn and land.

The pictures are of the lovely Archie, surveying his territory around Lotties piglets' new pen and taking things in his stride, just like we are trying to do.

I'll be back on Monday with news of how it all went. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx


  1. oooo, this is spooky; I read your blog quite regularly (but haven't posted before for which, apologies), but I'm a few posts behind and only managed to catch up today. Then it dawned on me that I actually bought a magazine (Period Living Jan issue) from you via eBay the other day without knowing it was you. How weird is that?!

  2. Dear Sue
    Oh I'm so excited about your new farm and can't wait to hear more about it! I just know you'll get along marvelously as you're both so very resourceful. I'm also rather smitten by Archie cat - so handsome !
    Thank you for your comment about your wardrobe - wow! The position you're in now is what I aspire to with my own clothes - the freedom of less is so inviting !!
    Happy weekend
    D x

  3. Hi Look foward to hearing all about the farm.
    My Ebay has gone mad this week as well - good ey!
    Have a great weekend
    Sue x

  4. Good luck with all the plans for the future Sue. Fingers crossed it's all sorted by now.
    P xx

  5. heeeey SueCat!!
    I really loved your blog. I lived in a farm with may family, all my life, and I believe than I share all that hapiness and good life, like you do...
    Thanks for share! :D


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