Friday, 11 February 2011

The Last of the Pumpkins...and a Special Day

Last weekend Lovely Hubby noticed that the last of the pumpkins that we had grown was getting some black it was time to eat it. We purposely left this one to see how long it would store. It was simply on the bench in the kitchen, an orange ball of promise near the door brightening a messy corner with its reminder of Summer.
I chopped it up and inside it was perfect, so there was big chunks of peel for the Kune Kunes, seeds for the chickens and the best bit..... ~

~ ...lots of lovely pumpkin flesh for us.

Part of which was quickly turned into a big pan of delicious soup. The rest was made into a cheats curry, with a jar of Tikka Sauce from the store cupboard. In all we got three delicous, nutricous meals from this relatively small pumpkin....result! ~ ~ And the reason it's a Special Day.....well today my eldest son Simon is 30....yep THIRTY WHOLE YEARS did THAT happen!! ~ It was going to be a weekend of celebration here on the farm but unfortunately, my lovely grandson Kyle has had a scary flare up of his asthma and all plans have had to be cancelled at the last minute. A huge disappointment for everyone, as Debbie, Simon's partner had somehow managed to keep it secret for months, booking time off work for Simon and making arrangements with me via Facebook. Still I'm sure we would all rather have Kyle fit and well. ~ So lots of love is sent to Simon and everyone up there in cloudy Cumbria from all of us here on the farm. Have a lovely day and enjoy being thirty, it seem's like only yesterday I was that age and yes, I was a child bride, that's why I have all these wonderfully grown up children and grandchildren !! ~ Kyle and Simon......just two of my special people. Happy Birthday Simon ~ Sue xx


  1. lovely pumpkin, lovely blog...have a great weekend xx

  2. Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian!
    Pumpkin soup....Mmmmm could do with a bowl right now!
    Jane x

  3. Happy Birthday to Simon! We've two Aquarians in our family :-)
    I love your pumpkin soup - mmmm - in fact I love all pumpkin recipes :-)
    Thank you for visiting my new blog, Sue, and I hope the new place soon feels as familiar as the old one ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend,
    D x

  4. AWww cute guys..happy birthday ...that pumpkin looked damned good..made me hungry looking at your bowl of soup...

  5. WOW! how nice!
    It's also my son's birthday, he's 26.
    My best wishes to you, first of all (mothers come always first!) and also to Simon!
    Love, Rosa

  6. I just found your blog today and I am smitten. Wonderful place here! I'm a fan.



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