Wednesday 27 October 2010

Settling in......

The littlest piggies on the farm are settling in nicely and have made their home very cosy, with straw piled all around the edges and little pockets for them to curl up together and sleep in. They have the polytunnel as a windbreak (and a convenient source of fresh food), and the old tumbledown wall on the other side to mooch about under. ~
I have had to re-install Mr Hawk Eyes on the edge of the chicken enclosure as the Rooks and Magpies were taking the proverbial and pinching all the chickens food. It's nice to have a farm hand that doesn't need paying or feeding!!
Two of the Middle Whites in the Orchard
Talking of farm hands, son number two is coming home tomorrow to look after the farm while we zoom up the motorway to visit Lovely Mum in Law, she's been quite poorly and we're looking forward to seeing her again.
Tayla wondering what Mum's up to with the camera
~ I'll be gone from the Blog for a couple of days, as soon as we get back from Scotland, I'll be taking Jason back to Preston and then stopping over at my diet buddys' (Mum) for a day, to compare notes and healthy eating plans, and lots more girly talk......poor Dad!! No wonder he takes refuge at the allotment!
A couple of the Large Blacks in the background in the Paddock, their new home. ~
I miss girly talk here on the farm, although most of the animals are girls, it's not quite the same!!
Tayla and Tinka
Back next week with more pictures of my cuties!!
Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue,
    Thank you for your kind comment at mine :-)
    I hope you have a lovely trip, plenty of girl talk and just enjoy time away from the mud !
    Denise x

  2. Have a lovely time away Sue and I hope your Mum in law is soon better. Tinka Tayla and Gypsey are totally adorable! I especially like the first picture of yesterdays post.
    Take care
    Sarah xx

  3. Lovely to see the little piggies settling in.

    I will be weighing in on Wednesday & am thinking that after three days in Barcelona I won't have done well ! I had plenty of girly talk with my daughter & it was fun.
    Joe wasaaway on camp & hubby left at home bonding with my hens. Last night he said how lonely he'd been - bless !
    I've been tickling Pepper - do you mind if I borrow her to keep an eye on my virtual fish ?

    Have a great break xx


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