Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Misty Morning

The mist hung heavy over the farm this morning. The chickens were quiet in the henhouse, not even Normans' deep throated 'cock a doodle doo' was to be heard breaking the silence.
Like a band of sea fog the mist slowly swirled around the trees, a long cold layer of moisture hovering above the wet grass.
~ As it started to disperse the polytunnel came clearly into view, looking shiny and taut. There was an eerie stillness to the world at first, but now the sun is slowly but surely adding it's warmth to the morning and the mist will soon be a distant memory. ~

By the end of our doggie walk, the sun had warmed the branches of the trees, and the lovely red berries were glistening in its warmth, inviting the birds to breakfast. When I got back to the house, I did my bit for our feathered friends, and filled all our bird feeders with fat balls, wild seeds and peanuts. Within minutes there were two Finches tucking into the fat balls.

Later I must go out and put some fresh water in the bird bath, but for now they have the moisture that lingers all around in the puddles on the ground and the dips in the earth to wash down their breakfast.

Sue xx


  1. It has been just beautiful Sue hasn't it? pretty pictures today. Is that a crab apple in the first one? x

  2. Gorgeous photos.

    When I clicked onto your blog I thought I'd clicked onto my own - we have very similar taste in design!!

    CJ xx

  3. I love your top photo Sue. That hawthorne looks so pretty :)

  4. I took Bruce for a ride in the mist this morning, and watched the sun come up behind the trees at 7.30. It was quite eerie but incredibly beautiful (if a tad cold).
    By the time we got back home 8.30ish the warmth from the sun was welcome, mist had lifted and the skylarks were singing.
    How incredibly lucky we are, but then I suppose we do without a lot of other things in order to appreciate these heavenly moments. I know which I prefer!
    Hoping that all is well with you and yours

  5. Such a wonderful scenario!
    It would be my dream come true!


  6. Looks all ready for frost to me!

    Here's hoping for a mild and wet winter this year. Don't want another bone cold winter!


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