Friday, 22 October 2010

Beauty in the Frost

Out walking yesterday with the frost nipping at all my extremities and the dogs galloping to keep warm, there was still lots of time to notice little pockets of beauty.
What normally escapes your eyes, when tinged with a laying of frost, becomes beautiful. In this photo a little patch of weeds with the early morning sunshine causing the flowers to open and give us a little glimpse of pink.
Today on the farm we are doing the final preparations for our new inhabitants, a couple of you know what they are,'s a secret. For the rest of you there will be pictures on Monday. Tomorrow we are in the village hall for the day, helping to paint the inside, to keep it the lovely light, bright place it is. And then Sunday......we set off bright and early to get our new girls!! The afternoon will be spent assembling their house and settling them in.
I can't wait!!
Have a lovely weekend. I'll be back on Monday.
Sue xx


  1. The frost is certainly beautiful Sue. We don't get much frost down here, so it is lovely to see your photos. I can't wait to see your new 'girls' - cows, alpacas, ostriches, goats, geese - the list is endless. The waiting is awful!! Ann x

  2. How can you do this to us? The waiting is so difficult.
    Jane x

  3. You are such a tease Sue ! I'm away from Tuesday leaving hubby in charge - he's scared of the hens ! They'll just hlve to get on and bond !
    Lovely frosty photo

  4. Beautiful photo. Looking forward to seeing your new girls! ... :0)

    Shirl x


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