Monday, 18 October 2010

Almost back......

We're almost back......we've still got to get our computer files re-installed, but for the moment we have a skeleton system going. Everything went quite well except for us losing all of the accounts that Lovely Hubby had just finished doing. So yesterday evening was like Groundhog Day for him with a complete re-doing of the figures.
Soon I'll have all my photos back and will be able to show you pictures of the farm. But for now I leave you with a picture of the cutie pies, caught cat/dog napping yesterday afternoon, shortly after the photo was taken Rosy was unceremoniously kicked out of the bed by Archie so he could stretch out luxuriously.
The weekend was spent preparing the ground for the new residents, we are picking them up on Sunday, and we can't wait, three bundles of cuteness to rival Archie and Rosy.
On our dog walk this morning we came upon a field of geese all congregating ready for their migration to warmer climes, and a wonderful sight has just occurred as I sit here by the window typing this post, they've just flown past in V formation honking as if saying their farewells.....a lovely sight, if only I had had my camera!!
Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue
    What a gorgeous photo - it deserves to be a greeting card !
    I love the story about the geese - they were definitely talking to you as they passed over and wishing you well with your search for a plot of your own :-)
    Have a lovely week,
    Denise x

  2. Oh, the geese leaving. The sound of honking, huge rhythmic wing beats, and the v formation makes me feel so sad at this time of year. Saying goodbye to Canada geese means saying goodbye to good weather. The geese get to leave for the harsh winter and we have to stay.
    Hurry home, geese.
    Jane x

  3. Fab photo - yes greetings card for sure !

    Sorry but am I thick ? I've been saying hello to Geese for weeks arriving in our field & saying goodbye to swallows etc !
    Found a tired baby swallow yesteday but left it where it was. Hope it was OK

  4. OK I am stoopid - the geese ARRIVING here & staying for weeks are getting ready to move on ...yes ?
    I just love seeing them whatever they are doing !!!!

  5. I love to come and read about your lovely farm, it fair makes me smile.

  6. You are certainly keeping us in suspense Sue. Whatever are you introducing to the farm? I can't wait to find out! Glad your computering is nearly sorted out. Autumn is making itself known with cold air, clear skies and falling leaves. Get the logs burning and your long johns out of mothballs! Ann x


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