Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tidying for Winter and pink knickers......

Another batch of chutney.
One of the more pressing jobs at the moment is tidying the farm for Winter. It is all too easy to overlook day to day mess around the house and polytunnel, but at this time of year it's nice to get everything 'ship shape'. As well as making the place look better, if we tidy away all the extras that we aren't using on a day to day basis, they aren't just out there getting wet and worse blowing around in the wind. We sometimes seem to live in a wind-tunnel and things you can't imagine get blown into the hedges around the places.
I'd hate to give ramblers a shock with the sight of my pink knickers festooning a hedge!! (They were white, but you know what happens when you have red socks!!) Yes, I did hang some washing on the line yesterday....why do you think it rained!!
Sue xx


  1. No no, it rained because we have a leak in our skylight and the roofing man can't come until next week. Love the thought of pink knickers in the hedgerow nestling amongst the blackberries!

  2. We have a leak in our single storey roof. I had a builder look at it & he said "£ Well it probably only leaks when it rains don't it ? " Der !
    WEt washing brought in yesterday - I can't be fafed to hang it out again so it's going in the tumble !

    Yes Sue I am having to be VERY strict about buying too much stuff now I volunteer in a CS ...but I did get a great book on Barcelona for £ 1 and that's where Jess & I are going atalf term !!

    ( PS I am loosing one pound of weight a week in my fitness class - yippee )

  3. I know what you mean about the wind... we live on a mile high ridge so you can imagine!


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