Tuesday 2 November 2010

Back on the Farm

This morning sees me back on the farm and rushing round to catch up on all the little jobs. The little piggies missed me (aww.....I missed them too!). Lovely Hubby missed me SO much he consoled himself with a WHOLE lemon cheesecake....haha!
~Now I've just got to catch up with all the washing and try to get back to normal.

While I was away LH got on with lots of jobs around the farm, including fixing the pig arks and building Monty a whole new pig one all for himself, his wives Maud and Martha, like to hog all the space and he usually gets left out in the rain!!

Sue xx


  1. Those little pigs are so cute, i love pigs so much!!

  2. Hello Sue
    The pigs do look very happy and comfortable in their new home - and aren't they just adorable?! I would love to give them a little scratch on the back !!
    Denise x

  3. Lovely photos. Your pigs look adorable. :)
    Mandy x

  4. when the kids & I were away hubby missed us all terribly ( I told him, " you had the chickens ! " ) the chickens were pleased to see their mummy home & Dillon went mental !
    Good to see you home x


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