Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Weekend

For the first time in ages our weekends are getting to be just that ittle bit more relaxing. There is a winding down of things to do, yes there are always the animals to feed and muck out, and there should be more tidying up done around the farm I suppose. But we are doing what farmers of old did and responding to the shortening days with more indoor activities.
The house is being tidied, and a touch of redecorating is going on. The paperwork is gradually being brought up to date. And in the manner of Archie, seen above stretched out on his new favourite snoozing place, we are relaxing, sitting down earlier, watching a bit of TV catching up on our backlog of reading material and finding ourselves nodding off in front of the roaring fire each evening.
I'm finding that apart from the constant rain and yucky mud, Winter has some good points!!
Sue xx


  1. I asked Chris what the list of outdoor chores was today, and there is only ONE in the veggy patch!
    Jane x

  2. I just found your blog ~ through 'Life at Golden Pines' and will certainly be a regular visitor.

    I am finding that the longer I've lived "out in the country" and have all my animals to care for and the work that goes along with that, the more I like winter. In spite of the cold and snow ~ I'd rather be lugging a water bucket out to the sheep in -30 degree weather than in 90 degree heat with high humidity! I think about that every time I'm hauling water buckets in -30 degree winter!


  3. Hi we don't have a farm unfortunately..just 2 allotments and some chickens in the yard..but we love winter time..we rest and plan what we'll grow next you we catch up with indoor jobs and anything else that needs doing..i hope you have a relaxing time and enjoy your winter..
    take care

  4. I've pretty much winterised my garden - I'm leaving fallen leaves for the hens to scratch through. My veggie patch is weeded & turned over - just a few leeks left there. The shrubs are very tall this winter as I was ill in the summer & did absolutley no pruning. It looks nice.
    The hens put themselves to bed nice & early...
    the three cats are curled up sleeping in various warm spots over the house only Dillon has boundless energy !

  5. It all sounds very warm and cuddly. The only way to spend a weekend. Ann x

  6. Ah November, the paperwork month..! I agree it's also the time for hard-working farmers like you guys to recharge the batteries, and for me to get outside and do something!


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