Wednesday 10 November 2010

Feeding our feathered friends.....

Now's the time to really be feeding our feathered friends regularly. Lovely Hubby is a big softy and can't bear to think of all the little birdies with hungry tummies. We bulk buy peanuts, Wild Bird Seed and Fat Balls whenever they are on offer in the shops and try to make sure that all our bird feeders are kept topped up at all times.

Two of my birthday presents this year are really coming in to their own now that the frosty mornings are here. The birdbath at the top of the post is used daily for drinking and bathing, and on frosty mornings I always go and top it up with some warmer water. It's lovely to watch the little birds flittering around having fun in the water.

The seed feeder in the other photo is also well used and is usually to be found with a little bird on each perch. We also have a large Fat Ball holder for our loose fat balls (the fat balls you can buy in little nets can be dangerous for small birds they get entangled) and two peanut feeders,. one small and one large.

As you can imagine it gets very busy here during the day. Two new regular visitors are the Woodpecker from last year and his mate. He obviously has a good memory for the best place to eat in town.

(And NO we don't have daffodils blooming at the moment, the top picture was taken in April!!)

Sue xx


  1. Pretty bird bath, I keep moving ours around the garden trying to find the best spot, not under the tree that drops its leave in the water, not too near the fence for the cats to have a good vantage point, not in the middle where George will bowl it over!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  2. Im have just bought a mega seed pack from the dog food lady - that'll keep the birds happy & the hens nicking nhe spillages.

  3. hiya- just popped over to say hi and hope all is well with you.
    Dark nights seem to make the days so much shorter now, and outside jobs are all a bit of a rush aren't they.
    Keep warm xx

  4. That reminds me to fill up our seed feeders too. Another very good one to have is a niger seed feeder - it encourages the goldfinches, which are so beautiful. I agree about the fat balls in the strings and always take the strings off before putting them in the feeder. Our girls love to eat up the seed droppings and unless the garden birds come early the hens will get the food out of the ground feeder before them. Ann x


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