Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sulky Animals

This morning has been spent with the two of us thawing out the animals water and making sure the animals and birds (both domestic and wild) are fed, warm and comfortable.
This means that bucket after bucket (and watering can after watering can) of water have to be lugged to the paddock and the orchard to thaw out the pigs troughs. Ice has to be picked out as soon as it loosens, otherwise it cools the warm water down again. The animals love the taste of the warm water and you have to be careful not to let them get under the flow as you pour it out, (our Aga warms our water to a VERY hot temperature).
~As soon as they have eaten all their food and drunk enough to fill and warm their tummies we have to face the mournful, sulky looks, I'm sure they blame us completely for this alien and freezing cold terrain. The pigs hate walking on frozen earth and stand still for longer than usual.
~As soon as they see us head for the house they realise that there will be no more food until teatime, they somberly pick their way back to the pig arks, get comfy in the liberal amounts of straw and prepare to snooze away another day.
~Tinka, Tayla and Gypsey (posing in order) show their cute little faces in the vague hope of second helpings of breakfast......
~ ...but no, even the dogs need to get indoors to thaw out their little paws. So that's it, morning chores over with and time to thaw us out with bowls of steaming porridge and more hot coffee.
Have a warm and cosy weekend wherever you are.
Sue xx


  1. Bruce is out in the snow swaddled in duvet and rugs, with an enormous pile of hay (alas, not as enormous as he would've wished!)
    Chooks are tucking into a big dish of corn and I've had my porridge and coffee...doesn't the frozen weather cause everything so much longer to get done.

    just about to start icing cakes!
    Have a lovely weekend and keep thawed!

  2. Crikey we only have 4 chickens and it seems to take forever to get them sorted on cold mornings..poor dog doesn't want to go for a widdle...and its fern's birthday today so it was hectic..had to clear snow from the paths for all to use...then do a cake was absolutely neverending..but thankfully all done by dinner...just got to do the same tomorrow morning lol...
    take care

  3. Dear Sue,
    Thank you so much for your lovely thoughtful and supportive comment over at mine, I really appreciate it :-) You are very kind, indeed.
    I love the photos of the animals and so pleased that you get to have some warm porridge after all the freezing cold chores,
    Happy days to you - and warm cosy evenings too!
    D x

  4. What a cute picture of the three little pigs :)
    Though most of the time I wish I had chickens and some pigs, maybe a couple of goats, on cold and snowy winter mornings like this I'm glad I don't have to be out there hauling them water like that!
    Stay warm!


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