Thursday, 4 June 2009

Time to wander

Sometimes it's nice to take the pace down a peg and the beauty of living this new life is the ability every now and then to do just that. Yesterday after all the excitement of moving the chickens into our lives I took time to wander.
Our usual walk is a simple one just up our driveway, but what a beautiful driveway we have now the mud has dried and the wild grasses are flowering, the hedgerows are bursting with the anticipation of blackberries in Autumn and the smell of a promise of a hot summer is in the air.
Of course I'm never completely alone, Archie and Sophie tagged along to see what adventures were waiting to happen, so I thought for once I would bring the camera and show you all what goes on when we go for a walk.

Some of us feel the need to gallop ahead.....

while others stroll leisurely,

But we all meet up in the end.

We take time to admire the scenery, stand, listen and absorb the heat of the morning. Some of us rummage in the hedgerows for delicacies or suitable toys. Any chance of throwing this stick Mum?

We run til we pant......

and then take the time to flop in the long cool, buttercuppy grass.

After about a mile we turn and decide to head for home, the day is getting hot and the littlest one tired. With a burst of enery he leads the way home, his playmate not far behind.

Something catches our attention in the undergrowth and we all stop to listen, perhaps a rabbit or a pheasant now keeping quiet and still in the hope we will move on.

Home is in sight and with a last burst of speed a couple of us race ahead knowing there is a big dish of cool water in the shade by the back door, others are thinking of coffee and a slice of buttered toast before getting back to the more pressing matters of the day.

Thank you for joining us on our walk......see you again soon perhaps!

Sue xx


  1. Thank you for the walk! I get the same view sometimes - white tipped fluffy tail waving from the hedgerow whilst the other end of doggins is investigating something lovely!
    The chooks look fab, how tame to be popping in to see you like that! I do like the fact that Archie comes with you on your walks.
    Take care and keep on enjoying those eggs!
    Sarah x

  2. Hi Sue. Lovely post as usual and just done a catch up on your chicken stories too. Isn't it just the beast eating meals from your own produce? All looking very lovely x


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