Wednesday 24 June 2009

In a pickle.....

Some of the beetroots (the bigger ones) that today I am having to pickle.

 Those pesky chickens have eaten every leaf, off every beetroot and rather than let the poor beetroot go to waste I am going to pickle them all, not that there will be that many. I usually prefer to pickle only one or two jars and eat the rest fresh in salads and lightly roasted in the oven.

When I first saw these beetroot I thought something had gone drastically wrong with the shape, but after referring back to the seed packet I saw that they matched the picture on the front, I don't know why I picked this funny shaped beetroot, I usually grow the standard round ones. But they taste as good and, because they have had to be picked so young, they taste lovely and sweet too.

Hey ho hey ho, it's pickling I go.......

Sue xx


  1. Ooo the troublesome chooks! Looks good though, happy pickling!
    Sarah x

  2. Hope you and your pickle are very happy together!! Glad you are having such a great time in the country ;-)

  3. We don't mind it too much, we understad that when the Glastonbury festival is on there will be things to put up with.Not th speeding though. Those beetroots are unsual! I eat quite a bit of raw beetroot but have very seen some like that!Will have to try growing some of those!
    Isabelle x

  4. LOL those chickens of yours made me laugh. Ours used to do the same . I remember when they ate all my lettice and if they didn't eat it they kicked it to death.

    Happy Picklin!

  5. Ooh I love pickled beetroot. Mind you, I love them roasted, braised, boiled too! x

  6. chickens will eat everything and anything wont they!

    have fun pickling :-)

    Rose XXX

  7. Hi Sue,
    This is a test, as I have not been able to leave a comment with you due to a problem with Blogger - hope this works.
    I really wanted to thank you for buying one of my rag dolls at the fair...! I know a long time ago now, but I've been tring hard to comment...honest!
    Thank you! - Hope she's well behaved!
    Niki x

  8. YESSSSS!!! It worked - at last!!!
    Hope your beetroots are well pickled now!
    N x

  9. If you hav any beetroots left and want it, I have a lovely recipe for beetroot salad/slaw using grated raw beetroot (no chance of leaving them inthe aga!).

    Rosie x


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