Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tiling Complete

Our tiling is complete.....now will the sunshine come back please so I can stop decorating for a while!

Lovely Hubby used the changeable weather over the weekend as a chance to finish off the tiling above the kitchen units. We have only gone for tiles between the base and wall units and a single run above the sink and Aga.

No, they are not the tiles we would have chosen in our 'dream home', but they match this kitchen perfectly and make everything look clean and somehow 'finished'. Hubby's next job in the kitchen is to address the wonky lights, we have recessed spotlights in the ceiling and they are the wrong sort, so moisture in the air has corroded some of the fittings and they flicker and go out, now LH and Jason can reach to push them back into place but me (being only a smidgeon shorter) I have to get a wooden spoon and use the head of that to 'adjust' the bulb. Jason is usually in stitches because by the time I put the spoon back in its utensil jar the light has usually gone off again!!
Now once this has been done all we have to do will be to paint the ceiling, walls and woodwork and the kitchen will be complete. But I think that will be a job for a later date when the weather is colder and wetter, I'm hoping for sunshine and more outdoorsy work for a while. Although these jobs slow right down when you have such entertaining ladies to watch!

Milly, Molly and Big Lovely supervising the tyre planting.
We have scoffed the contents of a couple of the tyres now and they need replanting, others we are still working our way through and the lettuce seems to replenish itself the more we eat of it.
Two buckets of new potatoes and carrots in the tyres.
I think I'll try and do a list of what we are growing and eating from the land tomorrow.
Til then, take care.

Sue xx


  1. i bet those chickens would love to get their beaks in your planters! lol

    what a fab idea to use tyres!

    Rose X

  2. Glad Latte is ok, such time wasters aren't they? could watch them for hours and I only have 3 - i'd never get anything done at yours!
    The cupboard looks great, wall paper will just finish if off lovely.
    Take care
    Sarah x

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  4. I like the idea of tyres for planters!
    Glad you got your tiling done!

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