Thursday 18 June 2009

A Sad Day

The 'Three Lovelies'

This morning I am sad, so very sad. One of the 'Three Lovelies' has been taken and killed by Horrible Mr Fox. I didn't even have time to name her, she was one of the last three to be named and hence, they were nicknamed the 'Three Lovelies'. Identical in looks, temperament and silkiness of feather.
She was gorgeous - one of my girls and I miss her already.

If you don't have chickens you may not understand, but my girls are a 'unit' and the unit is part of my family already. They run to us when we go outside, they are always interested in what we are doing, even if they have to break off from eating to come and have a look, as you have seen from pictures they are always in the house, yesterday I accidentally locked one in the house when I took Sophie for a walk and the clever little thing went up to Jason's room to let him know.

Yesterday afternoon we heard their calls of distress and rushed outside - but we were too late there was no sign of the fox only a trail of feathers which we followed until it vanished. We did a head count and discovered only 8 girls remaining, so they were locked up whilst we searched again, of course it was pouring with rain at the time and we were soaked to the skin, pushing through fields high in grass and crops. Eventually after much searching and calling of my little 'chook chook' call we heard a response, and a scared and bedraggled Jemima popped out of the log pile.

The poor thing must have been terrified and just run for
cover - clever girl.  After a stroke and a warming cuddle she was put back with her family and we knew it was no longer worth searching for my missing Lovely.

At locking up time last night all the girls put themselves to bed - as they do each night and after I put the side on the chicken house, a frantic little Molly ran down the ramp and looked under the house as if to say 'one of us is missing'. It broke my heart - but this is the country life we chose. At times it is a cruel and nasty one, but that has to be outweighed by the good things surrounding us.

Today though I am being a softy, and crying inside for my missing 'Lovely'.

Sue xx


  1. Oh Sue, how sad :-(
    I had chickens as a kid (and if I ever get the room will have more). It is always sad to lose one (especially to a fox).

    I know exactly how you feel :-(

    Poor chickens, I hope the rest are not too distressed.

    Rose XXX

  2. Oh Sue, you poor thing. I can understand you have become attached to the girls. Like you say, nature can be cruel and there's obviously truth behind the name "sly fox". Hope the others settle down and keep well away from "reynard".
    Hen x

  3. Oh Sue I am so sorry, big hug coming your way. I know it is natures way, especially at this time of year when Mr and Mrs Fox are feeding their young but it's so hard not to be affected. You do get attatched to your chooks, I know that very well. Well done to Jemima for finding a good hiding spot, send them all a cluck from my Chickadees x
    Sarah x

  4. So sad .... thinking of you today!

  5. So sorry Sue, I know how you feel. We too have suffered a loss. We didn't see it happen, but saw a fox on our cctv camera. We love our hens to be free to roam, but we may have to re-think.
    Bertie x

  6. Dear Sue
    So sorry to hear this. How hard it is when we lose one of our animal friends, and so very sad to have your chicken snatched by the fox. I grew up with chickens and ducks in the garden and remember well the pain of losing them in this way. Nature can be so cruel.
    Big hugs to you
    Take care
    Denise x

  7. Thank you for all these lovely comments, the other girls are all fine, I can't seem to take my eyes off them today.

    Sue xx

  8. Sue - so sorry. M. Renard took my favourite hen a few weeks back (Fat Bird) and I still miss the fact she used to run up to me when I was outside. Usually we don't see foxes round here in the day but I've seen 2 young ones recently so the dogs are left out as much as possible in the day, we've chicken proofed the gate onto the path where she was taken and the hens are put to bed at about 8pm. They don't like it but needs must. They've got their own back though and have taken to hiding their eggs anywhere EXCEPT the laying boxes. I found 2 behind the woodpile, 2 in the hay and 5 in the front hedge today.

    Rosie x


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