Saturday, 6 June 2009

We feed them and they feed us......

It's all working out very well, we feed the chickens and the chickens feed us. It was a gorgeous, simple breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast this morning.
We have our first order for a dozen eggs (it'll be delivered on Wednesday night Mum!!). Other orders are on the way as Lovely Hubby has let it be known at his place of work that the chickens are a laying. It's a horrible drizzly overcast day here in Oxfordshire, such a shame because it's our village fete at 2pm this afternoon, to be opened by the lovely Susan Hampshire (who lives just up the road). Fingers crossed it dries up in time. In the meantime we are getting on with jobs inside the farmhouse, LH is busy tiling in the kitchen and I am preparing stock for next weeks Farmers Market here in the village. Have a lovely weekend wherever you are. Sue xx


  1. Loving the chook news, so pleased they are doing well and you are enjoying your scrambled, fried, boiled and poached offerings!
    Hope all dries up for you this afternoon, have a good weekend
    Sarah x

  2. The amount I get from egg sales pays for the girl's feed which is great - and there are stil masses of eggs to eat. We had scrambled eggs and Mexical chorizo (HFW recipe) for lunch. Yum

    Rosie x

  3. there is nothing like a home laid egg - yum!

    Rose X


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