Sunday, 7 June 2009

My Lovely Hubby truly My Hero....... (or a near miss for Latte).

The lovely Latte before her adventure.
Drama here on the farm this morning as a fox tried to make off with the lovely Latte.
I was busy washing the breakfast pots and heard the ladies crowing and clucking at the tops of their voices, stupidly I stopped to dry my hands and only got to the back door in time to see nasty Mr Fox running through the undergrowth with Latte in his jaws, Lovely Hubby responded SO much quicker and on my shout immediately gave chase across the paddock towards the far hedge , with him yelling for Sophie to give chase and making lots of noise it gave Latte the opportunity to wriggle free from the panting fox's jaws and get away.
She lay still on the grass until LH reached her and swooped her into his arms and safety.
The lovely brave Sophie carried on the chase and saw Mr Fox off our land. We are now in the process of making the run safer and more secure, this has been an important wake up call and we are SO lucky that it happened when we were all around.
We will keep a close eye on Latte, as I realise the shock may have been too much for her, but she let us examine her all over and all that seems to be missing is a couple of flight feathers and a handful of her downy feathers from her back, luckily she is a plump bird and old enough to be a little bit tougher.
In future if we leave the farm for any reason the ladies will be confined to quarters until our return. Free-ranging is only good if you are safe.
Sue xx


  1. Oh my!!! I can only imagine your panic. So glad there was a happy ending.

  2. Thank goodness everyone is safe, well done you, Sophie and Hubby. Clucks and henpecks to Latte from Gladys, Vera and Betty x.
    Take care
    Sarah x


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