Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chick, chick, chick, chicken.......

Latte and Cappachino eating their mash.
Well they've definitely made themselves at home.

Mother watching television
What wonderful characters these ladies are, some already have names as they stand out with their markings or strong personalities. We have Mother, who is the obvious Mother Hen, bossing everybody else about, Lovely, who just looks angelic and clean at all times, Milly and Molly who explore everywhere together and then there is Cappachino (Cappy) and Latte, so called for their coffee coloured markings.

Milly and Molly proving that a barrier to the kitchen door is completely ineffective!

Trying to work out if cat flaps work for chickens.
They have all explored their pen, the surrounding fields and the house, they have chased the cats and the dog, they have stood their ground and scared off Mr and Mrs Pheasant who patrol the area daily.

Lovely checking out the freshly cleaned henhouse.
And best of all - they provided last nights tea, a lovely vegetable omlette cooked by Lovely Hubby, the freshest tasting and yummiest omlette I've ever had.

Sue xx


  1. This has to be one of the cutest, funniest posts ever .... just watching those chickens have the run of your place makes me giggle out loud. Thanks for visiting me Sue.

  2. I love your chicken posts and the great photos!
    I miss my chickens :-(
    Do yours come into the house and poop on the carpet? Ours used to the dirty birdies!

  3. All ten visited the house during yesterday and we were 'lucky' enough to have only one accident!!

    Sue xx

  4. Oh I love your chooks Sue! Your omelet looks scrummy. Lucy x

  5. Love this post - sooo funny!! They certainly look as though they've made themselves at home there!!
    BH x

  6. Hi Sue, they are so much fun aren't they? Yours are certainly feeling right at home.
    Bertie x


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