Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sunday, day of rest and relaxation........

Heading down the drive in the sunshine.
Sunday was a glorious day here in sunny Oxfordshire, the sun was out and about early as were the inhabitants of Jointers Farm. After the exitment of yesterdays lovely family get together it was back to Sunday normality.
So after feeding the chickens and giving Sophie a quick stick fetching walk, (we walk a hundred yards and she runs for miles chasing her favourite sticks and finding new ones), Lovely Hubby and I tootled down the village lane to set up shop at the local Farmers Market. For once LH's culinary skills were not required in the kitchen, so he helped me set up shop and then settled himself down with the Sunday papers and a bacon butty (all the tastier for being cooked by someone else).
After a couple of hours of playing shop,we counted our pennies, packed up our stall and our purchases, a yummy looking spinach and feta quiche, a carrot cake, a beautiful bunch of mixed colour cornflowers and of course an obligatory lavender plant and wended our way back home.
Here we decided that work HAD to be done, so while I released the chickens from their quarters LH went to fetch the lawn mower from the barn. Then it was into action for me cutting the grass and LH putting the sides on the last of this years raised beds. Two little square ones, about 2 metres square and already full of onions (planted without the sides and looking quite forlorn). Now they look like they have a house and I can get on with weeding them and taking proper care of them.
Then after potting on a couple of my tomato plants (lots more still to do). Then LH decided it was time to assemble our new patio table and a couple of the chairs in readiness for our first outdoor meal.
So without further ado while he got the furniture, ready I prepared a veritable feast of freshly bought and homegrown goodies, and we settled down to an hour of yumminess and Farmers Weekly for him and Country Living for me.
A quick photo before we got stuck in. And of course a little snack of trimmings for the chickens!! After clearing away the tea things it was back to grass cutting, a general tidy up and a good watering for the vegetables and then there was only one thing left to do, curl up in front of the television to watch a couple of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls fantastic River Cottage series and discuss what else we can do here on the farm over a glass (or two) of cider.

Hope your weekend was brilliant too.

Sue x


  1. glad you had a fun weekend Sue :-)

    your stall looked fab!

    Rose XXX

  2. Yes it was thanks Sue. Yours sounded great. So lovely to be able to eat outside isn't it? x

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Hope you made money at the farmers market besides spending it!


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