Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pigs, pigs, pigs.........

This is a photo that should have been on yesterdays post, I have SO many lovely piggy photos and I have a problem with Blogger, it will not let me drag the pictures between the paragraphs.
Anyone know the solution?
But in the meantime a picture of Lovely Hubby taking the measurements of the boar!!

Sue xx


  1. how cute :-)
    lovely little piggies!
    bet you cant wait :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. I have had the occasional problem with posting photos .... if I save what I've done and come back to it later, I ususally have success. Love these photos you did manage to post!

  3. Hi Sue, the pig keeping day sounded like great fun. Aren't pigs just adorable? We've decided to go for a pair of Tamworth/Old Black cross weaners to start us off. We intend to send them for slaughter but we'll see! They come in six weeks can't wait.
    Bertie x

  4. Oooh....lucky you Bertie, I can't wait to read all about them on your blog!!

    Sue xx

  5. Hi, By the looks of that picture its gonna be a bit of a handfull keeping pigs!! LOL.
    Love Simon.xxxx


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