Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Car Boot goodies from the weekend.

Sunday morning found us still talking about pigs, but definitely in the mood for a good browse, and boy what goodies we found. The car boot at Warborough was brilliant, we got all of the above for less than £30. It's nice when things go right!!
Monday saw us nipping to the Stadhampton Car Boot for a quick look around before the rain set in. We got lots of strawberry plants to fill my new birthday pressie of a strawberry tub, and lots of egg cups.
I've been collecting egg cups again since Lovely Hubbys' Mum came to stay and he gave her a boiled egg in a plastic light fitting (!!) unscrewed from the lamp because he couldn't find any egg cups. Now he only has to open any cupboard and he gets showered with the things!!
Hubby said I wouldn't post this picture.....but what the heck!!
(And feet are not really that big, I've borrowed my sons size 12 wellies for treading in purposes!!)
Sue xx


  1. what fab bootsale goodies :-)

    i;m never this lucky at bootsales!
    (obv going to the wrong ones lol)

    Rose XXX

  2. Hey Sue, I can't believe your car boot sale goodies - that is a great load of swag to have!! So, when do you start painting it all, or is it staying natural? Thanks for your comment - we're still re-living the P!nk extravaganza! Have a great rest of the week.
    Denise x

  3. What a haul!!!!! I love the pine cabinets and the picnic basket. So many goodies and so low a price :-)
    Well done!

  4. Wow, what bargains! Love the green chair.

  5. Never thought of borrowing larger wellies for that job! x

  6. Crikey what bargains!!
    Are you going to paint any of it ?


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