Thursday 28 May 2009

I've got an Award!!

A HUGE, HUGE thank you to Sarah at landcuckoo for giving me my first ever award.

It made my day.

Seemingly I now have to pass it on to three other lovely bloggers. They can then display it on their sidebar. Just click on the picture and then save it and paste it on to your blog. (I actually saved it on my blog photo pages and downloaded it as a photo, worked a treat!) Then all you do is tell people where it came from and nominate three of your favourite blogs. This is the way we can introduce lots of folks to different blogs and spread around the lovely reading.

I have so many favourites, choosing is very difficult, but I have finally decided on

Jane at

Sally at

and Denise at

They are all blogs that make my heart smile, (as the award says)....what more can you ask?

Sue xx


  1. No worries Sue, my pleasure, I do enjoy catching up with you here and seeing all the progress you are making with your farm, house, the animals and the veggies!
    Take care, I'm off to check out those 3 blogs you've nominated!

    Sarah x

  2. Well done on your deserve it!
    And thank you so much for passing it on to me. Glad I make your heart smile!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. congratulations on your award :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. Dear Sue
    Thank you so much for the award - it certainly makes my heart smile to receive this from you!
    Thank you again - have a lovely weekend - looks like sunshine!
    Denise x


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