Monday, 18 May 2009

Home Sweet Home

The view from our patio doors.
We're back, refreshed, revived and raring to go. So what's with the weather, it's supposed to be May and we seem to be having March winds with April showers thrown in for good measure and it's SO cold.
I've spent a lovely morning catching up on everybodies Blogs and getting up to date with all the lovely posts, posted whilst I've been away, and now I feel ready to go. Although today's post is just a quick catch up, as I have to go out between showers and tackle some of the weeds that obviously waited until I went away to grow by at least a foot!!
I missed a brilliant photo opportunity on the beach last week, with Lovely Hubby falling asleep with his latest copy of Farmers Weekly across his face whilst lying on the beach in Alcudia. So here's one of him under a palm tree instead (nowhere near as funny)!
We had a brilliant time, good weather, good company, a brilliant hotel and lots of lovely food, as our hugely expanded waistlines prove. Oh well back to the diet.

The new chubbier me.........

Sue xx


  1. looks like a fab place to go on hols :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Hi Sue!

    Thanks for dropping by my site and your kind words about my novice blog LOL, I have now added myself as a follower to your site and I hope you'll do the same



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