Thursday 7 May 2009

Lovely Bloggers

Archie, he was on his way in but stopped to watch a fly!

Aren't Bloggers just lovely people. I get so many lovely comments left on my posts, and I promise I do read each and every one. I don't, however, get round to emailing anybody individually, and I hope you'll all forgive me for this. I do have a quick read through the blogs on my Blog list each day and leave a comment when something catches my imagination. Time, as I am sure you all appreciate is always running away with me.

I occasionally leave an answer to a question by posting a comment myself ( I'm sue15cat), that way everyone can see the answer.

A question raised yesterday was whether I intend to paint the lovely car boot goodies I got over the weekend, and the answer is most of the items will stay as they are, the little green chair (£2!!) just HAS to stay that colour as it matches our exterior doors perfectly and the thought of my little Grandson sitting by the back door on it podding my peas in the sunshine is just SO appealing.

The pine shelves with the little drawer are staying just as they are, they match our farmhouse pine table perfectly, maybe I'll attach a little row of hooks for our keys and hang them near the back door.

The dog water dish is for Sophie, so she has her own water supply outside, then maybe then she'll stop paddling into the pond for a drink!!

The glazed cupboard is going to get the full works, I imagine it a lovely creamy colour, with floral wallpaper backing it and a lacey edge to the shelves. It's destined to go in the family bathroom, once we get round to finishing it.  All the decorating has ground to a halt with the glorious planting weather we have had recently.

This morning I have been a busy girl and got my new raised bed planted up with all the lovely plants my Mum gave us on our last visit and lots more vegetables. The wire grills are to stop the dog and the cats digging up the seeds and onion sets. The front little corner has a few plants grown purely for their flowers, because although we need to be as self sufficient in food as possible we do need some prettiness to lift the spirits!!

*Update - the 'pop bottle greenhouses' have worked brilliantly well, everything we planted under them is bigger and stronger than the uncovered things planted at the same time, it has also helped protect them from the wind. An idea I will continue to use.

Sue xx


  1. the bottle greenhouses are a fab idea!

    you have been busy this morning :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Golly, I continue to be impressed by the amount you achieve, your garden is looking fab. Look forward to seeing the painted cupboard. Oh, and I am in love with Archie the furry one.
    Hen x

  3. I'm coming up to you to go to a car boot - fab finds! And I agree with Hen above me here - you really do achieve great amounts.
    Catty hugs to Archie from Missy!
    I loved the treading in pose from yesterday!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  4. You find some lovely things at your car boot sale. Love the idea of the bottle tops - thanks ... :0)

  5. Hi! I want to go to your car boot sale!! Great stuff you managed to find, I cant wait to see the finished result on the cabinet, exactly what I would do with that too! I am also going to adopt your pop bottle idea as a lot of my little fuschia plugs have met an early end!!
    BH x

  6. I'm off to drink 10 litres of fizzy pop to do that thing! Perfect! Of course once I've done the drinking I won't be able to move for a week, but needs must! t.x


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