Tuesday, 19 May 2009


A little concoction we are preparing to feed our plants. Yummy nettle plant food.
We didn't know which was the best method to use for this, we have heard of steeping the nettles in water and draining off the liquid after a couple of weeks and a couple of other methods but we chose this because we already had a lot of buckets with holes (from when we first planted our baby fruit trees).
All you do is cut lots of nettles (revenge is SO sweet for all the nasty stings they have given me), fill all the buckets, all but the bottom one to have drainage holes, water whenever the top bucket looks dry and let the water slowly trickle through all the layers. We have put a large stone on top of the nettles in the top bucket to press it all down and a couple of stones in the bottom bucket so there is a couple of inches of clearance for the 'nettle juice' to sit and mature.
And then just wait. I do like these jobs that say 'just wait'.
Just one week later we already have a couple of inches of lovely nettle plant food, be careful to dilute it before you water it onto your plants as it is powerful stuff, I've been told about 10 to 1 is a good dilution, so I will experiment.
Much cheaper than buying expensive plant food from the shop and VERY satisfying to find a use for nettles.
Sue xx


  1. Chubby you? No way, Ms. Coldplay girl! I love Coldplay! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and welcome back.

  2. Hi Sue
    You've inspired me to have a go with the nettle juice thing!
    Have a good week.
    Denise x

  3. Dear Sue,

    Thankyou so much for following my blog, today was the first chance i've had to have a quick read of your blog, so nice to hear someone with such a positive view on everything! Weird hearing your story about moving from Cumbria to oxford my friends did the opposite last year they moved from Oxford to Cumbria! I've also had a quick read about your Lavender shop it looked wonderful, any plans to do anything similar in Oxford? Ever been to Burford? reminds me very much of your shop! Take care Jason X


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