Friday 22 May 2009

Lost Puss, Found Puss!!

We lost our Archie!! But now we've found him..........phew!!

Archie has taken to joining in with doggie walking sessions and is bravely expanding his territory further and further. On Wednesday morning he went with Jason and Sophie to fetch the post (our post box is on the gate at the entrance to the farm about a mile from the house). When Jason was passing the big barn Archie decided to explore the tractors and while he was busy one of the farm dogs (extremely friendly by the way) spooked him and he shot for cover.

Now Jason didn't realise that this was the furthest Archie had explored this part of the farm, so he came home without him. And Archie was stuck!!

Now what's a brave explorer cat to do ... that's right he cleverly decided to just sit and wait for someone to come and get him, and what did we do ... that's right sit and wait for him to come home ... stalemate. 

Then last night armed with flashlight (in case of dark emergencies) the rescue party sallied forth, all ready to dig and search.

Within minutes of reaching his last sighted position and after two calls of his name out from the dusty old shed popped a little relieved face, and with a look of reproach for abandoning him he followed us home, ate all of Sophie (the dogs) dinner and fell asleep.

Adventure over.........until next time!!

Sue xx


  1. What a wonderful story ... good kitty!

  2. What a big adventure - I'm glad you found him quickly.
    One of our cats went on a big long adventure on the farm a few years ago & was away for 3 weeks then suddenly reappeared demanding her dinner. She didn't look worse for wear but there were an abundance of rabbits.

    I'm glad you found me at my new blog.


  3. so Glad you found him it's so worrying isn't it, I remember Ralph escaped last year if it hadn't been for some friendly villagers who gave me a lift to where they had spotted him on a main road! I dread to think what would have happened!


  4. Oh bless him the little tinker! So pleased he is home and safe again
    Sarah x

  5. Bless his little cotton socks. Glad he's home safe and well ... :0)

    Shirl x


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