Wednesday 27 May 2009

House Building

Well the Bank Holiday weekend was one of hard work but lots of fun and lots more achieved around the farm.

Hey Dad....this door's too low!!
Lovely Hubby (LH) got stuck in making the chicken house, after a few design flaws that only came to light on building, he did it.  One lovely house almost ready for the chickens we will be getting this Sunday. With lots of help from the animals and a trial run from Archie, the house is now assembled, it just needs the roofing felt and then the wire run built around it.

Activity at 7.30am on Sunday morning.
Sunday saw us busy selling our wares at the local car boot sale, just a hop, skip and a jump away in a field by the M40. It was a brilliant day, sunshine, happy buyers, sellers and LOTS of unbelievable bargains. A few cups of coffee and a couple of hamburgers later it was time to load up our purchases and unsold items and get back to work on the farm.

One Hot Dog!!
We unpacked our new petrol lawnmower and strimmers and got everything working, then we made a start on getting the weeds back under control. Then Archie brought us a present, two lovely little dead birds, turns out they were parents to this handsome little chap. So the rest of the weekend was spent on two hourly feeds for the lovely, friendly little thing, who unfortunately went to the great birdhouse in the sky on Monday afternoon.

As usual lots of work and just enough play to keep it all fun.

Monday night was spent loading the van for the Farmers Market at Aylesbury which we did yesterday. It wasn't a bad day, but it was very windy and chasing doilies around a market is not something I would recommend as a good keep fit exercise. Today brought more wind and rain, so I thought instead of an early morning jog or as a good alternative to doily chasing, I would go for a session at the gym with Jason, so here I am, tired but pleased that I have burned off enough calories to make up for some the alcohol consumed over the weekend.

Inspired to get fit and healthier, I'm off now to dig out my Gillian McKeith book and read up on nutrition and getting to that slimmer and fitter me that I just know is hiding somewhere in here.

Sue xx


  1. awwww poor little birdie!

    looks like you had a fab weekend

    Rose X

  2. Hmmm, doily chasing, a possibility for 2012? Know how you feel though - had a blustery one myself the other week!
    Sounds like a good productive weekend all round!
    Sarah x


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