Sunday 22 May 2016

Mountain Sheep

Just as it was going dark last night we walked over to put the chickens to bed for the night ... not that we have to do much, they get themselves in the henhouse, bustling and fussing to claim their favourite spot on the perches and all we do is have a glance inside, check for any late laid eggs and then close up the window and the door.  There that's them safe for the night, walking back down the hill we glanced over to the paddock only to see all the sheep, the lambs and their Mums playing on the soil pile.

Much running up and down the mini 'mountain' ensued and a good game was had by all.  It looked like they were having great fun, and luckily I had my phone in my pocket to capture them all looking surprised that we had caught them playing   :-)

Sue xx


  1. Some people would have it that animals don't play. You don't have to watch them much to see that they do, and exhibit many other feelings as well. What a nice thing to see


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