Thursday, 12 May 2016

Ginger ... OUR Cat

After taking the photo of Ginger through the net of the net tunnel I went out to play with him, he was on a 'mooching about' mission and darted here there and everywhere making sure I was never far away from him.  Some days he's like that ...wanting company, and other days he's a real loner, we just 'go with the flow'.

Ginger - 2012 when he was approximately two years old.

We 'took Ginger over' in March of 2012 when we rented our little bungalow in Berkshire.  His owners and their two young girls were going to Singapore for four years and were in a quandary what to do with their two cats, Ginger and Muffin.  We immediately offered to foster them while we rented their house and land and a deal was struck.  They got them both neutered so they wouldn't fight with our two neutered males and we would take over from there.

Archie and Ginger snoozing on Dad's chair and hat!!

It worked out a treat and after a couple of weeks of giving each other a wide berth Ginger, Archie and Toby hit it off, Muffin wasn't as keen and visited the house for feeding but kept himself to himself, living in the woods or spending time with the neighbours that he knew a bit more than us.  After a few months both Toby and Muffin vanished, we never found out exactly what happened to them but there were a lot of badgers in the woods with huge setts that perhaps the cats strayed into.

Ginger and Archie however developed a good bond and along with the dogs, Sophie, Rosy and Suky and the flock of chickens and the three Chinese Grey geese life was lively and fun for all of them.

When we bought this house in Wales in September 2013 we knew Ginger had to come with us, so made an offer to carry on looking after him after our move.  After first suggesting that we leave him behind and the neighbours would feed him every now and then (yeah ... like I would have let that happen!!) his owners relented and said yes we could continue to have him, while they continued to live in Singapore.

So he upped sticks with us in December 2013 and moved to North Wales where he has continued to live like a dog, hunt rabbits, mice and any other little creature that he can get his paws on and walks with the dogs round the paddock at least twice a day, no doubt to the astonishment and amusement of the cars and coaches that whizz pass the house.

He is the friendliest and most laid back of our animals and can be found snoozing with his best doggy friend from early evening to bedtime on the sofa ...

... and during the day on our bed with the same furry friend.

I doubt we will ever give him back even if they ask, they've been back in this country for months now and haven't been in touch, so Ginger is now very much OUR cat.  After all he's spent most of his six years with us and his chums the dogs and chickens, I doubt he could go back to being a solitary cat.

Camera kisses from Ginger.

Sue xx


  1. He's. beauty!
    After 6 years, how could you give him back?
    It would be like giving away a family member.
    Some of the best gifts come in unexpected ways!

  2. Consider Ginger yours.
    I believe I read something somewhere that 'if' they want him back they would have to pay you for looking after him for four years. That includes food, vet costs etc. Don't think many people would go for that. Especially since he has such a great life with you.

  3. He's a beautiful cat. I love reading posts like this :)

  4. I love the asymmetrical nose sploge

  5. Oh no you couldn't give Ginger back after all that time. He is having a really wonderful life with you and his other animal friends, it wouldn't be fair to take him away from all he knows and loves. Afterall, he regards you as "his humans". He'll think he owns you (that's usually the way cats think!!). Lovely photo's. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

  6. He's lovely! I found myself rushing to get to the end of today's post. ...I was expecting to read that you had to give him back! (Which obvs you shouldn't, not in a million years).

  7. It's great when cats have so much room to safely (in the main, alas) explore and play.

  8. We had a cat like that once (in terms of looks, I mean), but he adopted us, rather than the other way round. He decided he didn't like living with his people (our next-door neighbours)and just moved in with us. The arrangement was eventually recognised officially, and he became OUR cat!

  9. Beautiful boy! I'd say he adopted you. Sorry that the other two have vanished. Over here, the vets really push keeping cats indoors...

  10. Ginger cats make my little heart sing. Loved seeing a post dedicated to this handsome man!

  11. He is yours for sure after all these years x

  12. This post makes me so happy.
    And on one of my worst days.
    He is a beautiful cat and so luck to have found you.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  13. Ginger is lovely & he was so friendly the day OH & came to visit you last year. You are definitely "his" humans after all this time.

  14. I'd say he was definitely YOUR cat! What a lovely post!

  15. I can't imaging him settling away from you and his family, even if the previous owners tried to take him back. What a lovely photo of him snuggling on your bed.

  16. What a sweetie. I think he belongs with you and your dogs. Can't believe that they have been back and not even bothered to see how he was.

  17. If they wanted to uproot Ginger from you and all he knows after such a long time, it would just prove he was a 'belonging' to them, not a member of the family!
    If push comes to shove, Ginger can come and 'hide out' at ours for a while! X


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