Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Green Days

It seems no more than a blink of an eye since the branches of the trees were just budding up,  now the long sunny days interspersed with driving Welsh rain has brought everything to almost full greenness.

You all know my love of the colour green, so this time of year with the freshest of greens all around us is the best for me.  To see fresh new life erupting in so many shades and textures is simply wonderful ... and very restorative to the soul.

Of course it's not all green, take a few steps up the hill into our woodland and you will see a carpet of Bluebells merging into the green and yet holding strong with their beautiful shade of blue.

They are dotted all around our land.  I've been tempted to pick a few many times to bring into the house, but each time I stop and think 'no' ..... they look so wonderful exactly where they are.

Of course there's other colours too, I'm a real sucker for Buttercups and always leave patches of this dainty weed wildflower to grow for far too long.  I'm paying the price for last years delay in weeding the front bed with a glorious display of buttercups near the house, but this lone plant in the veggie patch will be sadly meeting the interior of the compost bin in the next couple of days as I need this bed for the Sweetcorn.

The hillside to our left is looking wonderful, and many evenings after bringing in the washing I stand and look, oblivious temporarily to the sound of the cars whizzing past the house, I drink in the fresh greenness of the newly arrived Spring.

Sue xx


  1. I am more of a fall person than a spring person, but I must admit that the green brought forth by spring is always breathtaking...

  2. I love the spring greens too Sue. Also I love bluebells and am tempted to bring them in, but sadly they don't take kindly to being put in water and soon droop - which makes me feel guilty. So, like you, I leave them outside in all their beauty.

  3. The blossom didn't seem to stick around for long at all this year which is a shame, I love seeing trees full of blossom. I'm a sucker for buttercups too so pretty but a nightmare to dig up x x

  4. Hi Sue, I have been reading your blog for a while and don't usually comment, but my husband and I are trying to do what you are doing and I get so many ideas and tons of inspiration from reading your blog. I did have a question, do you start your broccoli inside or direct seed? Actually, do you plant broccoli at all? Thanks in advance for your time.

  5. Love, love the green of spring. We have had way more rain than usual in Texas, and all is beautifully colored.

  6. Love spring its full of anticipation and beauty.

  7. Everything looks so lush. You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

    God bless.

  8. I too love the fresh green of spring. And when the sunshine spreads its rays through a canopy of crisp green leaves in a woodland, my heart skips a beat. xxx..x

  9. I love the speedy stealth of spring. You think it's never going to arrive and then boom, suddenly everything is green and flowering as if it overnight.
    Spring is sneaky!


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