Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What am I ? - Edited - Solved

I bought this little chap at the weekend from the Warborough car boot sale.

Lovely Hubby was in a 'buying rusty tools because they might come in useful' mood and browsed the stalls getting some real bargains (yes, I have to admit it he did well), I bought a set of three books and then spyed this little chap.  Made of wood he is about 4" high, but I don't know what he is, but at just 30p I thought he could come home with me .... I like wooden things.

At first glance I thought he was a squirrel, but that notion was quickly dispelled, his tail is wrong, second guess was beaver, but no wrong tail again.

His tail is just a little stumpy furry thing curled behind him.  I wondered if he was a skinny, mini groundhog.  But  I don't know.

Do you know?

The little owl on the kitchen shelf next to him, just looks sad and puzzled .... but then he always does!!

Edited to add -

He's one of these .... a Prairie Dog.

Thank you to 'Anonymous'.

(Picture from Google Images.)

Sue xx


  1. Looks like a groundhog to me, tail too. A larger flat tail and different teeth and it would have been a beaver. Groundhogs are the gardener's curse around here. Love the owl.

  2. A red squirrel who lost his tail to a predator? Aren't their tails sought after? In which case lost his tail to a human predator. Whatever it is, it's a nice bit of wood turning!

  3. I'd put my money on groundhog. We have a lot of them around here and they sit up like that and the tail is right. -Jenn

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, yes, yes .... he is a Prairie Dog !!

      I just googled it and found the real thing in Images, thank you :-)

      It's easy once you know what to Google!!

  5. wouldn't have known that. He's lovely. I like wooden things too.

  6. wouldn't have known that. He's lovely. I like wooden things too.

  7. it could also be a marmot,
    they are very similar.

  8. I thought beaver at first, really cute!

  9. From Margie in Toronto - definitely a Prairie Dog - groundhogs around here are a lot fatter than this little guy. Very cute - wonder how it ended up on your side of the pond....


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