Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Favourite Magazine (or one of them anyway!!)

If you find a magazine that you love it's always worth asking for a subscription to it for your birthday or Christmas, or if that fails simply pay for it yourself up front and have a whole year of reading ready paid for ... and at a much cheaper rate than it would be if you were to be tempted by issue after issue each month.  I bought this subscription myself sometime last year and it's saved me about half of the cover price if I were to pay for it every month.   

I have loved every copy of the magazine that has dropped through my letter box.  With my gardening magazine subscription bought a couple of months ago I have been inundated with freebies, mostly seeds, which will mean we are eating for free out of the poly and net tunnels this time next year, so that was a deal worth doing.

But so far this magazine has had no free gifts .... not that I expected any, but then this issue arrived with something attached.

Four free postcards.

Images of the back covers that have been on the magazine over the last few months.

And I love the back covers of this magazine, I featured one of them on the blog a while ago.

They just stop and make you think.

And are completely my philosophy.

Love it.

And when I took this one I realised, we have the same tiles :-)

I had to break off from this post briefly to answer the door to the postman, it's brilliant when Geraint the Post has to knock at the door it usually means he has something exciting for me. and I had totally forgotten I had ordered this particular parcel.  I'll let you in on what it contained tomorrow, for now I have to go and do a bit of reading about the contents, so I do them justice.  

Unfortunately I don't think I'll find what I need to know from my magazine so I'll save that until later.

Thank you for all the well wishes for my cold yesterday.  To be honest I'm feeling crappier than crappy crap today, ..... and I now have a clown like red nose to add to my woes.  Thank goodness for magazines and surprise parcels eh!!

Sue xx


  1. I love it when the mail lady knocks at our door. Mind you it's very rare as they deliver very little to the door nowadays, you have to go and pick it up from the Post Office generally. We don't have door to door delivery.

  2. Get well soon x The magazine looks very interesting, I will have to look into it, thanks for sharing.

  3. I've never heard of that magazine. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hope you start feeling better very soon, Sue. I haven't bought any magazines for a couple of years now - can't justify the expense. I do miss them though. My mum and sis bring me their old ones when they come to visit, which is lovely. I did get OH a year's subscription to Home Farmer for his birthday present.....and it came with a free gift of a River Cottage book, which is brilliant.

  5. Sounds like a great way to mend, read a wonderful magazine.
    I love the post cards!

  6. That sounds like just the right magazine for you, and now a mystery package has arrived at your door.

  7. I hope you can enjoy whatever is in the parcel and hope you feel better soon.

  8. It is such a beautiful magazine filled with stunning images and inspiring pieces. Just a shame about the cost really. I just find magazines so expensive now a days x x x

  9. One of my favourite mags is, Land Love but, the cost is prohibitive for me. I last bought a copy in December!

  10. I've been a subscriber for a year now and I always look forward to see it waiting on the door mat! It's a gentle, inspiring escape from the more commercial magazines, they have some great submissions! Katie x


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