Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sheep in the Field

The homegrown stuff is coming thick and fast now, although these luscious looking strawberries are the last of the polytunnel berries for now.  The Spinach is living up to it's name of 'perpetual spinach',  between me and the chickens we are just about keeping up with it's growth, ah well better to have too much than not enough.

Once again we have Will's sheep in our paddock, just a handful this time three ewes and their four lambs.  Big, burly teenagers that are just about still suckling, but spending most of their days chewing the grass with their mums.

Suky loves them being there but this lot are not quite as friendly as the last lot and won't let her get up close or join in with the grass munching, even though she has shown willing and able and pulls up tufts of grass from a distance while they watch on ... just to show them that she does know what to do.

Rosy and Mavis are still more interested in the rabbits that run out of the paddock as we approach, diving for cover under the stock fencing and nipping sharpish into the woods, than they are in the sheep.

And walking round the field with the dogs is now a case of watching where we put our feet, or in Rosy's case looking for places that are really pooey for a good roll around in the grass.  I didn't realise just how ripe she was getting until I loaded them all into the car this morning to go for a longer walk.

Air freshener just will not cut it ... bathtime it is  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. What is it with dogs rolling in disgusting things?! My mum's old border collie once found a putrefying hedgehog carcass while we were out walking in the woods.....before we could so much as blink, he'd thrown himself on top of it and rolled around on it.....yuck!!!

  2. Sukey trying to get the sheep to play sounds delightful x

  3. My perpetual spinach keeps going to seed, maybe I have it in too sunny a site?

  4. We have badgers in the woods not far from us....have you ever tried getting a wolfhound covered in badger poo into a bath? It's strictly a strong rubber gloves and hosepipe job!

  5. Your Rosy is like our Bella. Fox poo really must have a roll in. What else is fox poo for? Of course!

    1. Fox poo is definitely the worst. Apparently, if you rub tomato ketchup into the coat before shampooing, it gets rid of the smell better.

  6. One of the hazards of having dogs in the country, for sure. And they do things (like a roll in the poo, or even eat it) that really blow your mind.

  7. Lol, just trying to imagine Suky as a sheep.

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  9. I've seen us stopping by a river or burn to get the dogs cleaned up after rolling, before coming home. Sometimes, they're absolutely caked in the stuff, disgusting!!! Any poo is good in their view, but fox is the best. And a rotting, dead seagull at the beach or a rotting fish carcass will do fine too. Their coats are in beautiful condition, so maybe they know something we don't!

  10. Aw, just love the expression on Suky's face!


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