Monday, 29 June 2015

Building Work Goes On .... and On and On ....

After a bit of a respite last week the building work is once again going on and on and on.

Today and for a couple of days this week, it is the turn of the front walls to go up a bit more, in fact by the end of the week it should be almost done.  We can't quite finish this off as we have to leave room for the big HGV that will be delivering the garage steels to be able to reverse up the drive, but we can get up to the gate post block on the left side (as we are looking at it in the photo above) and almost as high up on the righthand side.

At least it will look like good progress.

Over the weekend the big water storage tank was delivered.

So now it's sat near the retaining wall looking for all intents and purposes like a little submarine, only instead of keeping water out as a submarine would, it will be collecting all the rainwater that falls on the garage and workshop roof and storing it for us to pump up and use to water the polytunnel and the veggie patch.

Deliveries continue to arrive and trucks of various descriptions and sizes disgorge loads of stone, pipework, sand and cement.  I just try to take photos to document all the comings and goings when I can.

In more plant based news, I managed to get my Tomtatoes planted this weekend.  One is at the front of the polytunnel in the zinc planter ....

... and the other two are in this huge bag that I found in the shed.  They should have enough growing room with 70 litres of compost in there.

Sue xx


  1. I'm convinced that time slows down when building work is done.
    Jane x

  2. Looking great! Can I drop in and see you again, when I am over your way in August? Would love to see how things have changed a year later and to talk to you both again :)

    1. You'll be very welcome ..... what's left of you that is ;-)

  3. Progress is always slower than we wish for but I'm positive its all going to be worth it in the end.

  4. My goodness, what a mammoth task.

  5. Love your water tank, I want one! I'm going to put the drainage in for one when we do the extension and buy a tank later when we can afford one. That's the plan anyway!

  6. I bet people passing your land regularly look out for what's going on !

  7. Great that you are harvesting the water to use, we are waiting on 2 tanks being delivered for the nursery, then our new self sufficient water supply will be complete (rain water from office roof and the stream) :)

  8. That water tank is immense! All the work looks great, I hate it when a job is almost there but not quite, I bet it'll be nice to have the wall done.


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